5 sensory ways to prepare your home for sale

Our senses are incredible; each is powerful in its own unique way but together they create experiences, evoke emotions and instil memories.  Buying a home is all about how our senses react as they can stir feelings that make us want to buy or run and hide.  So if you are selling your home, how can you make sure that you provide potential buyers with a positive sensory experience?



This is where home staging comes into its own if you have taken the time to de-clutter, spruce up and present your apartment to attract potential buyers; you know that you will be able to grab them by sight.  Pay the same attention to your outside space as you do your inside, add colours through planting and make sure you provide an area for them to sit if possible.



Don’t overpower your buyers with artificial scents; keep the aromas natural and gentle with fresh flowers, fruits and plants.  Think also about your bedding, clean linens have a beautiful scent that is subtle and inviting.  Lavender inside or out will provide add a light fragrance to the air as well as a feeling of calm.



Whether it is a cold frosty day or a hot sunny weekend, entertain your buyers with light refreshments, the longer they stay in your apartment the more they may start to feel at home.



Think about what sounds surround you, if you live by nature, open the windows so the sounds of the countryside can flood your home.  If you live by a noisy road, you may wish to keep your windows closed to minimise what your buyers can hear.



Use tactile soft furnishings throughout your home, fluffy luxury towels, beautiful textured cushions and soft and delicious bedding.  Remember to not just focus on the inside but also your outside space.  Giving the illusion of comfort and relaxation through accessories can be intoxicating to a buyer.  


Captivate your buyers’ senses and you could also win their hearts.  For more ideas on how to prepare your home for a viewing, contact the apartment specialists – The Apartment Company.