5 summer DIY jobs to prepare your home for sale

Nobody is thinking of moving home during the summer, right?




In fact, the busiest day on Rightmove last year was on the 10 August when over 43 million page views were recorded. Instead of thinking of suntans and sunny beaches many of us were dreaming of our next home. So there is no time to waste if you’re looking to put your apartment on the market and we have 5 DIY jobs that you should be looking to complete as soon as possible.


Outdoor fencing

Start with any outside areas to make the most of the nice weather. If you have fencing or decking, you need to ensure it is protected before winter strikes. Outdoor paint will dry quickly in the sun but it’s often runnier in consistency and therefore not the easiest to control. As with all things, the more you look after your outdoor woodwork the longer it will last and be attractive to buyers all year round.

Front door

To repaint your front door will take a couple of days of which are dry, therefore there is no better time than the present. To achieve the desired finish a primer will be needed first before you decorate with your chosen colour. So check the weather reports and plan your front door decoration in advance.

Boiler checks

Your boiler will need a service certificate issued by a Gas Safe engineer prior to selling. As the autumn progresses and our heating systems are in full use, the availability of a qualified engineer can decrease. Check The Gas Safe Register for an engineer in your area and book an appointment sooner rather than later.


Are looking to replace any flooring in your apartment? Although carpets, tiles, laminates and wood can be fitted all year round, it does make it simpler if the weather is nicer. No one wants wet and soggy coats and shoes dripping over their new floor.


Transforming an old piece of furniture into a unique contemporary item for your home is common practice today. To prevent any mess or mishaps in your apartment you may wish to take your project outside.



We imagine our flowerpots and tubs are bursting with gorgeous colours but have you planned your planting for the winter and autumn? An outside space with no colour is not inviting and will be hard to fall in love with.


Prepare you home for sale in August and your buyers will not only see the benefits but you will do too. For more advice on selling your apartment contact The Apartment Company, Bath’s apartment specialists.