5 vendor regrets you need to avoid when selling your apartment

It is one of the busiest seasons of the year for people looking to buy and sell homes. Many are pressing to be in their new abode before the end of the year, they view homes visualizing where they will place the Christmas tree. In the haste of wanting to move, many vendors make mistakes they regret in an effort to avoid them here are 5 things you need to avoid when selling your apartment.


1. Belief in buyers’ eyes

When you have been living in a property for a while, some of its blemishes we see as quirks and others seem to fade away with time. There can often be a belief that buyers will be able to ‘see past’ those flaws that can be a turn off rather than seeing your apartment for warts and all. Buyers don’t have different eyes, well actually they do, they are seeing your home for the first time and will often find fault in places you have forgotten are there. When preparing your home for sale, don’t look at your home as a vendor, but as a buyer.


2. Speed packing

When should you start packing for your move? When you have an offer? Exchange? Completion? The truth is you should start packing when you have decided to put your apartment on the market. We all have things we don’t use all year round; these could be sentimental things, books, and stuff that fill our cupboards and drawers. When you are presenting your home for sale it is always advisable to de-clutter, so why not start packing at the same time. By packing a little bit here and there as you go along, will save you a lot of stress and anguish should you leave it to the last minute.


3. The hardest choice

There are many deciding factors when choosing an estate agent, but when you need to ensure is that you decide on the agent who is right for you and your property. We are apartment specialists and therefore are the first point of call for the majority of buyers and vendors who are selling an apartment in Bath. But being a niche agent is not the only reason to choose us, you also need to understand our marketing and negotiation strategy as well as how we will sell your home.

4. Negotiating agents

Not all estate agents are skilled in the art of negotiation, and we see this as one of our strengths. Our pricing strategy is designed to achieve the best price for our vendors, we are 100% committed to you. “I sold my apartment with The Apartment Company and was able to achieve a price that was £60k greater than any of the other Estate Agents quoted as their upper valuation. The team is amazing and went beyond the call of duty. Their marketing strategy is excellent and as a Marketing Consultant, I know a thing or two about Marketing. Choose them to Market your property- you won't be sorry.” Hazel Longuet

5. Not being committed

There can sometimes be occasions when we meet with vendors who are unsure whether they want to sell or not. We always advise vendors in this situation to wait. Selling a home is a commitment, this is your biggest asset and as such you need to be completely committed to its sale. What’s the saying, ‘the more you put into something the more you get out of it’? Working together we can achieve the best price for your property, find the ideal buyer and the smoothest experience.

Don’t have any regrets when selling your apartment. For more advice, contact Bath’s apartment specialists, The Apartment Company