A Tale of Christmas through our Postcard of Bath

As the sun breaks through the frosty dawn, our scene is set.  Nothing can compare to the beauty that unfolds as you gaze across our fair city.  The fresh aromas of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans fill the air as a new day begins.  With the backdrop of our exquisite architecture, you are met with a box of delights.  At this time of year, we embrace all that is festive.


The Bath Christmas Market with its intoxicating scents, delicious treats and array of gifts attracts people from far and wide. With over 170 chalets, you are transported to a magical land bursting with glamour and sparkle.  Shoppers are treated to songs from choirs, whilst musical fills our cafes and bars.  As you look down from above you can see the spender in full effect.  It’s no wonder why so many people are now making Bath their home.  Commuting to London no longer seems a chore as you open your front door in one of our Georgian abodes.


The fascinating history of the Roman Baths at its heart, there is so much to discover and even take part.  The gorgeous warmth you feel after a glass of mulled wine, roast chestnuts, talented street performers and handmade crafts great you as you walk the cobbles of our cherish streets.  As the sun begins to set our city is transformed with up lighters and stars and fairy lights galore.  Santa is coming but while you wait, you can watch snow and ice skaters dance along Pulteney Bridge.


Our Christmas Market is still vibrant its festive and infectious atmosphere fills the air as the Christmas tree reminds us of this special time of year.  A night-time skate may be chilly but fun as you try to stay upright you laugh with everyone.  Kids step on the ice with no fear or grace and push penguins or sit on sledges with a huge smile on their face.  ‘Believe in the Magic of Bath’ lights up the night sky, as the day comes to an end we say a warm goodbye.


Our Christmas Postcard makes you want to jump right in and sample a taste of a new life within.  Happy Christmas to you all from Bath’s apartment specialists and make sure you share the news that the magic of Bath really does exist.


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