Apartment Prices Bath – The West London

At The Apartment Company we feel blessed everyday to live in this stunning part of the world. You can’t help but get inspired by the abundance of green spaces and Georgian Architecture, we’re submerged in history and culture but yet have all the conveniences of every major city.  What is fascinating is the numbers of London based professionals looking for a different kind of life are finding their way to Bath.  Dreaming of being mortgage free, but don’t want to be completely rural, they seek a combination of breath-taking landscapes, a cosmopolitan lifestyle but still in commutable distance to work.  Surrey, West Sussex and the Home Counties have been the destination of choice for such house hunters, but in the last couple of years something has changed.

With our apartment prices in Bath many places half that of a similar property in London, we have become an extremely attractive option.  Don’t forget, London is just 1hr 30 minutes by train or just over two hours by car, you can see why we are now being nicknamed West London.

How do we attract the London based professional seeking that something different?

As members of The Guild of Estate Agents we are invited to present our properties at regular exhibitions held at The Guild’s office in Park Lane, London.  These exhibitions allow potential buyers from the City and overseas to view the wealth of properties available as well as gaining in-depth advice on the locations and lifestyle.  It also gives these strong potential buyers a real insight into the market as well as your home.  We have booked a number of viewings, which have converted into sales from The Guild Exhibitions, which is why they are an important part of our marketing mix.

Why is Bath such an attractive option?

·       The General Election being over has breathed life back into the market, encouraging international property investors back towards the UK.

·       The distance between Bath and London will become even shorter, with the welcomed renewal of the train lines. The work has begun this month, marking a £7.5 billion investment in improvements to Bath and North East Somerset rail network.

·       Electrification is coming to Bath cutting the journey time to London by 20%.  We predict that West Country apartment prices in Bath will positively shoot up once electrification is in place; it is set to be a quicker journey than some Londoner’s commutes! Encompassing the whole of western England, expect price rises from the likes of Bedminster to Chippenham and from Weston-super-Mare to Weymouth!

·       As London prices continue to skyrocket, Bath is one of the most popular alternatives to London living. As we edge closer to the capital the London connection is strong here and with everything accessible by foot, cultural experiences such as the Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street, the sumptuous Somerset countryside on the doorstep and the opportunity to enjoy an ancient Roman spa after a hard week in the office; Londoners just can’t get enough of our fabulous city! 

·       Bath comes out on top when it comes to investing in student property in particular.

·       As well as our iconic Roman Baths in Stall Street and many other historical sites of interest, numerous galleries, rugby club, racecourse and football club, Bath is set to get its own version of the London Eye - "The AquEye". Set to open in spring of summer 2017, it will lift people above Bath's quintessential Georgian rooftops and allow them to interpret the city in a really different way. We can’t wait to see it!

Know about apartment prices & details in Bath

Coupled with our other unique services, these London exhibitions truly stand us apart from our local competitors.  If you’re longing for a different lifestyle whilst retaining your London office then maybe you should take a look at our corner of West London, please get in touch with us today to find out more. We will let you know about the pricing, details and surrounding benefits.