Are you giving away your heart this Valentine’s Day?

Bath has a stronger connection with Valentine’s Day than you may think. The ancient Romans used to celebrate the feast of Lupercalia from the 13 to 15 February; it is believed that Valentine’s Day can be traced back to this festival. To reclaim Valentine’s Day from the Romans, some historians argued that at the end of the 5th Century Pope Gelasis I declared 14 February as Valentine’s Day.


Regardless of where it all began, last year we spent an estimated £1.6 billion on cards and gifts, this tradition started in the 18th century. All the cards were handmade and decorated with flowers, puzzles, and lines of poetry, the cards were then slipped under the door of those they were intended. The first printed cards appeared in Georgian Britain the era that saw the birth our beautiful city’s finest buildings.


Buying a home is a story of romance, you will not be required to celebrate like the romans, write a romantic novel or even make a handmade card, but buying a home involves you giving away your heart.


Our love story starts when you decide to take the leap to buy a house, you may be a first-time buyer or looking to move up the property ladder. Around 90% of buyers start their search online using one of the property portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla, in a way these are your dating app. Instead of looking at profiles of potential dates you are searching through a collection of homes that meet your criteria. Just like dating, what you see online, isn’t always what you get as photos can sometimes be misleading so it’s always best to view in person.


You are now about to embark on a series of blind dates, each apartment you arrange to view will fill you with excitement and anticipation. Will it meet up to the picture you have painted in your head, is it better than the apartment you saw last week and will it steal your heart? Then it hits. You arrive at a viewing and as you step through the door you get that feeling, you try and contain the explosion that is going off inside but the feeling is too strong. Yes, this apartment was love at first sight!


As you leave you are filled with so many questions, am I jumping into this, is it too soon to call, should I call the agent or wait for the agent to call me? Don’t wait, take charge of the situation and make your feelings known, who knows you may not get a second chance.  As you pour your heart (in the form of an offer) to the agent, you are left feeling empty, agonizing whether it was the right offer and more importantly are you the perfect match?


You are now dating and this can be a tricky road, full of emotional ups and downs. At The Apartment Company, we will support you through this process as we always want to see true love win. As you reach completion, instead of giving you a ring, you receive the deeds to your new home. There is no turning back now, and why would you, when cupid strikes you are at his mercy. The day has arrived and you have your keys, this property stole your heart weeks ago and so begins a new affair, turning this apartment your home.


This Valentine’s Day find your true love with The Apartment Company, as we have many apartments that will steal your heart.