Are you playing to your apartments strengths?

Brrr, I think it is safe to say that winter has finally arrived, although we have been very lucky that it has taken so long. This time of year is always a little crazy with the festive season fast approaching, we spend our time struggling to find gifts for that person who has everything, and enjoying the most social aspects of the season. If you’re selling your apartment, it is easy to be swept away with Christmas cheer and take your eye of the selling ball.


Although things tend to quieter, there are still many buyers actively seeking their new home. In fact, did you know that on Christmas Day alone, Rightmove had over 1 million visitors last year, maybe Santa didn’t bring them everything off their Christmas list. This figure continued to rise reaching its peak at a staggering 3 million visitors on the first working day of 2016. New Year always gets us thinking of new starts, and there is now bigger change than buying a new home. With such wild activity from potential buyers, you still need to make sure your apartment is playing to its strengths during the winter. 


Nothing says ‘welcome home’ as a fire; the mesmerizing flame and the much-needed warmth makes us feel all cozy inside. If you have a fire, let us work together to see if we can possibly have it lit for viewings. All potential buyers would want to take a moment to sit by it; this one action could start them thinking of your apartment as their new home.


One of the pleasures of working within our property market is the stunning array of period properties we are blessed with. I never get tired of original features and how they ooze character for the home they adorn. As we start to decorate our homes full of tinsel and sparkles, make sure you keep the magic of your apartment alive by not hiding any of your homes’ best original features behind your decorative display.


Do you have some outside space, maybe a garden or a terrace? Just because it is winter doesn’t mean we forget these glorious selling points of our homes. Just as we make most of them in the summer by staging to sell, so we must in the winter too! Ensure you have cleaned and tidied your space and add some colour through season planting or even a Holly Tree that you can pick up from your local supermarket or garden centre. If you are able, set the scene for your potential buyers, think chalet chic! Weather permitting; add Nordic style throws outside on chairs together with a couple of glasses or even mugs. Your buyers will then be able to see that your outside space is not just for summer, but adds value to the property whatever the season.


Kerb appeal is even more essential in winter months as it’s easy for a property to look unloved. If you main entrance has lighting, make sure it is on, as it will make your home look more inviting. Where possible add some colour through plants, although if you could always add a wreath on the main door. Stylish wreaths have a unique ability to brighten any door, it will also give that first impression to your buyers that you are seeking.


Every apartment has strengths, and it is important that we make the most of your homes' assets. We would always recommend that if you are unsure what the key features to your home are, that you allow one of our team to talk you through your home from a buyer's perspective, you may be surprised how different they will see your home. 


Playing to your apartments strengths makes your home a stronger proposition and in turn could achieve a higher sale price. Never underestimate the power of staging your home for sale, speak to one of our specialist team who will be able to guide you through the process.