Are you ready for a change?

Although as grown-ups our lives in many ways are not dictated by the school year, when September comes it still feels like a fresh start.

Things tend to go back to a sense of normality, even though life continues at a rapid rate and, yes, dare we say it, our thoughts turn to Christmas.  But this time of year always feel like a new beginning, a time when people make changes and plans for their future. 
Autumn is also a busy period in the property market, as many people decide they want a new home in time for Christmas. Buyers start to hit the pavement again after a summer pause, tenants are also seeking a place to call home, and many property owners decide to turn their asset into income through letting. 
People who need a change tend to enjoy shaking things up in their life now and again.  There may be nothing wrong with their apartment, or its location, but something inside them is itching and they need a change of scene.  These movers take everything in their stride; they may not know exactly what they want, but they will certainly know when they find it. 
Wanting more or less space is often the major catalyst for those seeking a change.  Their move will be due to a specific reason rather than a deeper need.  These types of movers know what they want and won’t settle until they find that place that is right for them. 
Vale Lodge, Bath £1,650pcm - Click the photo to view. 
Desiring a move is less committal than wanting or needing; people who desire a new home don’t have an inner drive, so their motivation for moving is not as strong and it will take something truly special to change their desire into a want or need. 
The Apartment Company is here to translate your feelings into a property search that will give you a taste of the finest apartments throughout Bath.  From angled roofs and apartments full of period features, to spacious contemporary apartments with high tech specifications, whatever your need want, or desire, we have an apartment for you. 
We’ve been there 
Yes, change to many is a scary road to travel, and thoughts might turn to ‘what might be’s.  Past experiences will also play their part in how they perceive the process of moving home.  We completely understand how you feel.  Yes, we work in the property industry every day, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t felt the same exact emotions when we have decided to make a change too. 
Should you feel you are ready for a change this autumn, come and chat to a member of our team.  We will give you clear and straight advice about the current market and what options are available to you.  Having an insight into what might be will enable you to discover if you are ready for a change or not. 
Make your change a great one with The Apartment Company.