Balcony and patio décor you’ll love this spring!

You don’t have to have your own back garden to create an outdoor space where you can enjoy dining al fresco or simply relax and take in the view. All you need are a few pieces of furniture and some greenery to extend the livable square footage of your apartment and create your own outdoor oasis on your patio or balcony.

Blurred Lines

Over the past few years, outdoor furniture has evolved to mimic the look of your interior apartment décor. Wicker is out. Wood is in. Plush chairs and ottomans upholstered with weather-resistant fabrics have replaced plastic chairs. Side tables and portable islands now feature durable granite or concrete tops that resemble those found in indoor kitchens.

Reach New Heights

A balcony is all about the view. When you sit at a traditional table, however, the railing gets in the way. Instead, consider a counter height table or a balcony bar and enjoy an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Lighten Up

Extend your time on your balcony or patio with rechargeable outdoor lamps. These are as fashionable as they are functional, enabling you to add vibrant pops of colour and light to your outdoor space without the worry of tripping over a cord. In the winter, a patio heater provides both warmth and light to your outdoor space. Or, romantically illuminate your balcony or patio from above by hanging string lights.

Mix and Match

You don’t have to purchase matching furniture sets. The eclectic look is in. Feel free to experiment with colours, patterns, materials and textures to create a unique look that you love. Start with neutral-coloured furniture so as not to overwhelm a small patio or balcony, and then add coloured or patterned throw pillows and accessories. Bohemian colours like rich reds and deep oranges are trending right now.

Plant Your Roots

No outdoor space is complete without some flowers or greenery. Select a base of low-maintenance evergreens like boxwoods planted in pots for year-round colour, and then add seasonal flowers in rail planters for colour and variety. Top dressings such as bark chips, coloured pebbles or slate pieces add a finished look to your balcony garden and also prevent soil from drying out too quickly. Don’t have a green thumb? Create a privacy screen with faux greenery instead -no watering required.

For more ideas for outdoor apartment décor, or to start your apartment moving journey, get in contact with us today!