Would Jane Austen have been a property addict?

Her novels are filled with fascinating characters, beautifully described with all their quirks.  She seemed to notice every small detail, those that could be seen ...Read More

We value tenants as much as landlords

In the words of our new Lettings Manager, Nicola Wilkes, “It’s a landlord’s property, but it’s a tenant’s home, ” which is why at The ...Read More

Why you should be prepared for the busy viewing season

January is always a busy month when it comes to apartments coming onto the market.  Yet often some sellers rush to ensure their properties are ...Read More

Top tips on preparing for a mortgage appointment

Think ahead – and get your finances in order         Think about your monthly outgoings. It could affect your chances ...Read More

The top 20 features that will sell your home

Which makes new research by GoCompare Home Insurance all the more valuable, revealing – as it does – a list of the top 20 must-have ...Read More

The Instagram appeal attracting buyers to Bath

With the stalls filled with aromas, sparkles and delights, it was a treat just to wander around and take in everything on show.  Although we ...Read More

Finding a home shouldn’t be this hard

People are often at different stages of the process, from those tentatively taking their first steps, to the seasoned movers who can’t wait to get ...Read More

The difference the right estate agent can make.

On paper, they might have exactly the same provision, with identical floor plans, and both well maintained. Yet one is winning in terms of popularity ...Read More

Why selling your apartment in winter could be the best ...

You may have considered moving home but then decided to wait until the New Year.  Is this the right move? Or, could selling your apartment ...Read More

Why buying an apartment needs more than a feeling

If it’s a top or a pair of shoes then, although annoying, you can live with it, but what if it’s a property?  We want ...Read More



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