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Why you must always remember that history sells

We all recognise how privileged we are to live in a city so steeped in history – no matter where we turn there is evidence ...Read More

Could you be missing a trick when selling your apartment?

The benefits of regular exercise are more understood today than ever before, it is not just the physical benefits but also the mental.  Cycling is ...Read More

Why Bath is the best place to live for families

Yet today’s culture sees many families thriving in a city environment.  Although Bath is a city, it has always had a warm and welcoming feel, ...Read More

Top four tips for apartment hunting

When you are looking to buy an apartment, you won’t have the flexibility that many house owners have with regard to transforming the space to ...Read More

Increase your home’s appeal with a balcony garden

But with apartments often having a small courtyard, roof terrace or balcony as outside space, you can simply create your own oasis that will provide ...Read More

How to survive the knife edge of the sales process

This is where nerves and doubts can take told and, like us, we know you want the sale to go as smoothly as possible. So ...Read More

How you can live a little greener in Bath

For years, our nation’s most respected and beloved presenter, Sir David Attenborough, has been warning us about the impact of climate change on our planet.  ...Read More

Why we always want our tenants to feel at home

We’re not too proud to say that we haven’t always got it right, but the lessons we have learned along the way we feel have ...Read More

6 law-breaking mistakes landlords keep making

It’s no wonder that many landlords struggle to stay compliant, and are making mistakes without even knowing.  At The Apartment Company we always support our ...Read More

Why knowing what you want can lead to regret

We’re guessing you have a wish list close to hand, have searched for properties online for inspiration, and scoured magazines for ideas.  But have you ...Read More



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