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6 law-breaking mistakes landlords keep making

It’s no wonder that many landlords struggle to stay compliant, and are making mistakes without even knowing.  At The Apartment Company we always support our ...Read More

Why knowing what you want can lead to regret

We’re guessing you have a wish list close to hand, have searched for properties online for inspiration, and scoured magazines for ideas.  But have you ...Read More

How your apartment can attract Bath’s homeworkers

Attracted by the flexibility it gives them, with no or reduced commuting hours, the ability to be there for the moments that matter is certainly ...Read More

Should you stage your rental apartment?

Apartments that are well presented certainly have an edge when it comes to viewings, but should you stage a rental property?   Why ...Read More

Why is Bath the best city for first-time buyers?

We are all told that location, location, location is important, and if you haven’t made a particular city your home, you may be taking time ...Read More

How can you retain the capital value of your rental ...

The need for rental property never decreases, giving you fantastic opportunities.  Should you be a landlord of a portfolio of one property or many, we ...Read More

Essential tips for renting your apartment in Bath for the ...

The amount of legislation and regulations you need to adhere to as a landlord is overwhelming, and the constant negative press is overbearing.  Yet your ...Read More

Why a smaller home could make you happier

This is not always the case. In fact, the wealth of period architecture in Bath means rooms tend to have great proportions.  Yes, for some, ...Read More

Top floor apartments vs. courtyard/garden apartments: which is right for ...

Courtyard/garden apartments If you’ve never seen the beautiful apartments that exist in the centre of Bath, you may not know which the “courtyard apartment” ...Read More

Why people are downsizing to apartments

We work with many clients who have lived in a house their whole lives, yet are looking to downsize to an apartment. There are numerous ...Read More



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