Buy to Let – The silver fox of the property market

The letting industry had a tough run throughout 2016, but it seems to not be putting people off investing in property. Even with all the regulations and legalities, many believe that bricks and mortar is one of the safest ways to invest your money.

We are lucky that Bath has a strong and stable rental market, due to it being one of the most desirable places to live. And with our neighbour, Bristol, recently described as one of the hottest property markets in Europe, things are looking good for those looking to invest in our corner of England.

Confidence in our buy to let market has seen a rise in the diversity of investors. From young and the forever young, we are working with clients across the age spectrum. Since the changes to the pension system, we have seen a growth in the number of investors over 55 taking a step into buy to let.

Our experience follows the trend as discovered in a recent study undertaken by the London School of Economics. Their survey found that buy to let landlords aged over 55 had increased from 24% twelve years ago to 61% in 2016.

Speaking to the Financial Times, the co-author of the London School of Economics’ Study, Kath Scanlon, stated that their research showed; “As the age of first time homeowners rises, so the age of the first time investors would rise as well.” Thus making buy to let the silver fox within the property market.

The need to provide for our futures is incredibly important and this doesn’t lessen with age. In fact, the strain on our pension system means that the state pension the elderly have relied on in the past will look very different in years to come. We work closely with all our landlords, whether they are looking to buy their first property to let or their fiftieth to ensure that their investments achieve their long-term goals.

Like all investments, property investment is a science. It’s about having a thorough understanding of the current and future property markets, knowing your figures and also the opportunities a property can bring. With The Apartment Company, we will aid you in making the right decisions at the optimum time for the best results.

The Apartment Company, buy to let apartments specialists.