Buyer activity is heating up to move in time for Christmas

Like me, you may have already succumbed to the chillier weather. Whether putting the heating on or wrapping up in front of the fire, we’re happily reminded that we’re heading towards the festive season again – also a time when apartment hunters wish to be living in their new home. 


As a result, heating up without the aid of a hot water bottle is buyer activity, as purchasers start their search to move in time for Christmas. This means if you’re thinking about selling soon, your apartment needs to dazzle in photographs and on viewings. This time of year is actually an ideal time to sell as it’s the only occasion where you can really play on your home’s cosy charm. Follow a few of my top tips and buyers should be flocking…


Buyers love a property to feel warm and cosy. Turn the heating on a few hours before they arrive and if you have a fire, light it and let it glow. Cinnamon or vanilla candles at this time of year provide a welcoming mood too, along with extra throw pillows, blankets and winter flower arrangements.  


Keep doorways and footpaths clear of leaves, dirt, ice, twigs and so on. It’s very easy to bring the outdoors, indoors, at this time of year.


Clean everywhere, tidy up, de-clutter and address minor repairs. 


If you have outdoor space, trim back trees and bushes, and remove dead plants. You can always add a splash of colour with planted pots. 


Furthermore, check with your freeholder who is responsible for clearing the guttering, drainpipes and drains from loose foliage. They need to be clear.