Can the sun make your apartment more attractive to buyers?

This weekend we were blessed with the hottest day of the year so far.  We craved to be outside to take full advantage of the glorious weather to relax, play and simple to have some fun.  It’s funny how the sun can induce a smile, but does it have the power to make your apartment more attractive to buyers?

Garden appeal

There is no doubt that everything can look nicer in the sunshine, use this to your advantage by keeping your garden or outdoor space thoroughly pruned and watered so that the lawns and plants remain at their greenest and the flowers are in full bloom. Make sure your outdoor furniture is in top shape, as it will add to creating lifestyle your potential buyers are seeking.

First Impressions

Your home has the potential to make a dramatic impact on first sight therefore, the way your apartment looks from the outside could make or break a sale.   With that in mind, start to think about adding summer-coloured plants/flowers, as well as decorating the space with some carefully placed ‘summer accents’ and adding a fresh coat of paint to your door.

Create atmosphere

The sun is out for longer, so be sure to set the scene for your evening viewings. Place outdoor lighting sensitively for a softer, warmer atmosphere; e.g. conceal lights in trees/within the path.  Be open to evening/twilight viewings too, to attract as many viewings as possible.

Natural scents

Scents can create that subtle welcome and a great way to great potential buyers.  Try and not use anything artificial, think about placing fragrant flowers in key rooms and using zesty fruits and other natural materials.

Gentle breeze

There is nothing like the fresh aroma of air, especially on a hot and stuffy day.  Open windows and key doors to allow the air to flow through your apartment.

The warmest of welcomes

You want your potential buyers to feel at home in your apartment and one way to ensure they feel comfortable and spend more time there is offer them refreshments.

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