Can you do anything to stop a sale falling through?

Which? Released the results from their February homebuyers’ survey that highlighted what is actually happening in the property market and why sales are falling through.  Interesting the top reason was gazumping, which 28 per cent of those surveyed said they had been a victim of.  This was quickly followed by 27 per cent of those who had decided not to sell their home after all.  So is there anything you can do to stop a sale falling through?


Choosing the right estate agent is essential, as one of the trickiest aspects of selling a home is the sales process.  At The Apartment Company, we keep in touch with every party in the chain, keeping communication flowing, ensuring documents are sent and received and doing everything we can to keep the sale moving forward.  Usually, one of the best vendors or buyers is one that isn’t in a chain, as you are only managing the process for two people instead of many so it can lead to a smoother experience.


It is essential that you are always prepared, in-other-words you have your finances in place prior to making an offer, you have made clean your timescale for moving and ensure that works with the other parties, you have all your relevant documentation to hand and you respond as quickly as possible.  Delays unnerve buyers and sellers and many will back out of the deal if they feel that it is taking too long.


As specialists in apartments, we know how to support vendors and buyers to ensure that your sales process succeeds.