Can you tell a serious buyer by how they view your home?

We long for them, we clean and tidy, and even add finishing touches such as fresh flowers - viewings are incredibly important.  No matter how much preparation you or your agents undertake, one thing you will never know is how a buyer will view and think of your home.  Buyers are a funny breed; they come in all emotional states from the confident to the timid.  Don’t be misled by their behaviour as it can often be misleading. 

Excited Bunny

They love everything they see, and are always mindful not to hurt anyone’s feelings.  They look in each room with wide eyes discussing how they would like to live in your home whilst running around your house with joyful abandonment.  But the excited bunny has a hidden secret, what they say on the outside is not how they feel on the inside.  It is easy to get swept away by their enthusiasm, believing that you may have an offer when in reality they have crossed your house off their list the moment they walked in.

The Cautious Tiger

In complete contrast the cautious tiger is expressionless, they prowl from room to room with cunning instinct.  Posing challenging questions, whilst nodding at the agent replies they never give anything away.  They are the master of calm and collected that you can often misconstrued their behaviour as negative when in fact they are soaking in every single detail that your home has to offer. 

The Honest Horse

This buyer knows what they want, or so they believe.  They are happy to tell you what they think, why they think it and what that means.  The honest horse tends to be more experienced in the property arena knowing that their feedback can help the agent find them the perfect property.  They can be set in their ways and need a little convincing to see things outside their criteria.  Their honesty is refreshing and can also provide wonderful insight for you and your agent on how your home is being received.  They will take time with their viewing, not wanting to miss anything. 

The Quiet Mouse

They will move round your home at speed without hardly uttering a word.  Their faces may show emotion but they tend not to express it.  They hardly step into rooms, a quick glance and they seem to have x-rayed your room, digitally imprinted a floor-plan and undertaken a 60 second makeover.  Their nonchalant attitude may make you think that they are not interested but behind the silence they have been hard at work analyzing every aspect.

So does the speed that a potential buyer views your home directly correspond to an offer?

Research undertaken last year by Barrett Homes found that buyers spend less than 20 minutes before making a decision on whether to buy your home or not.  It seems incredibly rushed and complete madness that the biggest investment that any of us make is decided within the time it takes to watch and episode of Neighbours.  The research also found the reasons for the speedy decision; not wanting to disturb the vendors as well as thinking with their heart and not their head.

Knowing it takes many of us just 30 minutes to decide to buy is why preparing your home for a viewing is so crucial.  You have such a short window for your home to seduce any potential buyer.  It needs to grab them with its kerb appeal, each room should make them fall in love a little more until they are imagining themselves living there.

It is often the little touches that can transform your home into theirs.  But remember the viewing is only part 2 of the buying journey, part 1 begins online with your listing.  We invest in featured listings on Rightmove to get your home the top spot.  How your home is presented online will make the decision on whether to view.  Just like in the film ‘Jerry Maguire’, your home needs to have them at “hello!”

Don’t worry by the speed potential buyers view your home, just think you have 30 minutes for your property to wow them.  Presenting your home correctly for sale will help it sell quicker and often for a figure above the asking price, we have proved this time and time again.  If you would like to sell your home with the Bath agent who gets results, call a member of our team today.