Could you be missing a trick when selling your apartment?

Could you be missing a trick when selling your apartment?
The benefits of regular exercise are more understood today than ever before, it is not just the physical benefits but also the mental.  Cycling is one way to add activity into your life, whether you use a bike to commute to work or just for leisure.  Jumping on your bike can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, improve your well-being and keep your weight under control.  When it comes to cycling, could you be missing a trick when selling your apartment?
Some people believe that having a bike is not practical when living in an apartment.  They do not wish to have it stored inside their property, and often the outside space doesn’t warrant the storage needed.  Yet many apartments already cater for cyclists, with bike storage being provided to residents.  Although this is not a new concept, it is one that is often neglected as a key selling point to your home.
Sometimes it can often be the tiny things that niggle on a buyer’s mind as to why they decide not to place an offer or even view your home in the first place.  Something as simple as a bike store for a cyclist can make a property more attractive, as one of their concerns has been taken away.  Should your apartment have any kind of facility such as this, make sure your estate agent is promoting it within their marketing.
Many organisations throughout the area have cycling to work schemes, encouraging their employees to use a carbon-free way of getting to work.  Bath & North East Somerset Council over the years have been working with Sustrans on developing a network of high-quality cycle routes that are safe, making cycling across the city for business or pleasure more enjoyable.
The Bristol & Bath Railway Path provides you with 13 miles of magnificent countryside to explore.  Along the way, you will find a series of sculptures and as you pass the old train station at Bitton, take a moment to enjoy the working steam engines.  Another of the popular routes is Two Tunnels Greenway, which includes the longest cycling tunnel in the UK.  This 12.5-mile stretch is “one of the most scenically varied and sightseeing-rich couple of hours of cycling anywhere in Britain” according to The Independent.
If you don't own your own bike, there are many places throughout the town where you can hire, and should you be a fine weather cyclist, you can still peddle some miles by joining a class indoors such as those provided by Spin Village.
At The Apartment Company, we know how every detail counts when it comes to selling your home.  No two buyers are the same; therefore, it is essential we understand your apartment fully to be able to attract the right buyer, one that is in the best position to buy.  Being a niche estate agent, we know a thing or two about how to stand out in a crowd.  Whether you’re thinking of selling or struggling to find a buyer, let us show you how we never miss a trick when it comes to selling your home.


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