Don’t let paper be the cause of your move being delayed

When selling your home there are so many things to think about, finances, finding the right agent, getting the right offer, finding a new home, packing, removal company, and the stress of the move itself, I bet paperwork is not even in your top 10 ‘to do’s.  Over my many years as an estate agent there have been several occasions when home sales and purchases are delayed because of someone failing to produce the relevant paperwork quickly.


I remember one client, he had placed the title deeds of his property in a ‘safe place’, and upon his solicitor requesting the document, he went into a state of shock, and then complete panic.  Over the years he had undertaken work on their apartment and during these times things got moved.  The place where he thought his safe place had been was no longer there.  His mind went into overdrive as he tried to retrace the steps of every item, every box, every scrap of material that had been placed in their skip, hoping and praying that his deeds weren’t in the big tip in the sky, never to be seen again.


He decided to go for a run to clear his mind, and lo and behold, it worked, he returned knowing exactly where the safe place was, retrieved the deeds and sent them on their merry way.


I know that you don’t want to be the cause of delays when moving home, let’s go through some of the must-have paperwork, so that you can be ready for action.


  • Current Energy Performance Certificate
  • Your title deeds – need I say more?
  • Any planning permission and approved architectural plans
  • FENSA certificate for any building works
  • Electrical and Gas Safety certificates
  • Your boiler service and maintenance record
  • Any guarantees, certificates and plans for other works, such as damp proofing
  • A copy of the lease
  • Management contract for your property
  • Your exciting mortgage and new mortgage details


As you’re preparing to place your property on the market it, gather all the necessary paperwork and place them in a file.  You will find the process so much easier when everything is in one place.


Preparation is the key when moving home, whether it’s the paperwork side or even packing,  The more you do to prepare yourself in the early stages the less stressful and exhausting it will be when you get closer to completion.  At The Apartment Company we work together with your solicitor to ensure that your sale is moving quickly and keep intouch with the chain so we can resolve any issues as quickly, and as swiftly as possible.


As we work entirely within our niche of apartments we are well versed in the many types of leases and management contacts within Bath.  Our knowledge in this field not only helps buyers who maybe overwhelmed by the information presented to them, but also vendors, as we can aid in ensuring a smooth transition from one owner to the next.


Don’t get caught in the paperwork trap.


For more advice on how to prepare for moving home, contact the apartment specialists, The Apartment Company.