First impressions count - how to prepare your apartment for sale this spring

Henrietta Street - £350,000

It's fair to say that we have started to see signs of spring - warmer weather, longer days, songbirds, snowdrops, daffodils and… property-hunters!


This is the season when our market traditionally picks up again, so it’s a perfect time to have your apartment for sale. For those with access to a garden, homes are looking more colourful. The weather is also brighter, both of which help enhance the appeal of it in photographs and viewings. Furthermore, demand for good quality apartments in Bath tends to be stronger at this time of year.


However, to ensure plenty of viewings, the best possible price and a timely sale, it is vital that you make sure your home stands out from the crowd. Our top tip would be to remember the importance of first impressions ie ‘photographs’ and ‘kerb appeal.’


Photographs are the first thing a potential buyer will see – be it online or on a brochure – and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is the moment when your apartment will be initially judged as to whether it is worth viewing. Poor photographs reflect medicore accommodation, which could impact the price and the number of viewings you get. We provide the professional photography, but it is up to you to make sure the rooms are tidy and clean. If unfurnished, we recommend hiring a home staging company to dress the property and enhance its appeal that way.

Brunswick Place - £375,000

With apartments, its kerb appeal is a little trickier to manage. However, it is worth bearing in mind that as a potential buyer approaches the building, the first thing they see is the front of it. Where you can, remove dead leaves and flowers from around the main front door area. Tidy the communal entrance way and make sure all of the post has been neatly piled. If your home is downstairs, pay attention to your window frames. Your own personal front door needs to look as good as it can too. A fresh coat of paint or a pretty potted plant could add further appeal.


In addition, it’s also important to really clean your property - don’t just hoover. Make sure you scrub the kitchen and bathrooms, clean items such as your fridge and carpets. Dust everywhere including light fixtures, remove cobwebs and polish mirrors. Other things to think about include minor repairs, de-cluttering and decorating. Don’t forget to tidy up the garden either if you own one.


Good luck!