Four heart-warming reasons to embrace apartment living

From the grandest estate to the smallest studio, we all have a place that we call home.

Should you wish to upsize, downsize or ‘sidesize’, you may have thought about the style of property you’re looking for.  But before you choose a house over an apartment we have four heart-warming reasons we think you should embrace apartment living.
Close-knit communities
Over the years, American sitcoms have showed us the benefits of apartment living.  From Friends, to Frasier, to Will and Grace, each gave the apartment a starring role in the series, making the homes just as important as the characters who lived in them. 
Owning an apartment gives you a shared interest in your surroundings.  You will see your neighbours more often, whether that’s just a nod of recognition or a deep conversation.  Your neighbours may become your friends, but, more importantly, you will build a community that supports and looks out for one another. 
Feeling safe and secure
Your home doesn’t stand alone on the street, and it will more than likely have more than one entrance.  In an apartment, you’re also surrounded by other homeowners who want to ensure that their home is safe and secure too.  Therefore, you will feel more reassured about leaving your property for lengths of time for work or play. 
The maintenance costs of apartment living are far lower than for a whole property.  This is one of the reasons why an apartment is the preferred choice for many, especially those who love to travel or those who don’t want the financial burden of continuous maintenance. 
Being close by
For those who choose to live in the city, it’s often the desire to be close to amenities that is the deciding factor. Regardless of age, having shops, restaurants, parks, and friends within easy reach can really transform your quality of life.  Bath has such a warm and welcoming feel about it – yes, there is the hustle and bustle of daily life, but around the corner there is always a little oasis where you can sit and watch the world pass by.
The benefits of our city’s landscape can also improve your mental health, whether you prefer a long walk in the countryside or along the river, or throwing yourself into a hobby or two with other like-minded people.  We’re a city that thrives on bringing people together and we hope you’re taking advantage of the benefits it can bring to your life.
The outlook is beautiful
Many of us love a room with a view, and what a view Bath has to offer.  From its Georgian streets to more contemporary additions, the surrounding hills and inner city scenery, every window tells a completely different story of what our city holds. 
Living in an apartment may mean you are living higher than street level, and so will have an elevated perspective of your neighbourhood.  Imagine how your view will change as the seasons pass by, from those golden autumn leaves to the long summer days full of light.
Are you ready to embrace apartment living?
Don’t make any decisions until we have shown you the real benefits of apartment living; we know you will be surprised by what you find.  Come and see Bath through the eyes of The Apartment Company.