Georgian come out on top as the most popular period homes

Georgian come out on top as the most popular period homes

What type of home do you favour? You may like the sleek lines of a contemporary apartment, or swoon when you see unique features in a period property.

But when it comes to the most popular style of period home in Britain, estate agents have said it’s Georgian, according to a recent article in the Express.
No matter where you look in our incredibly beautiful city there is evidence of the Georgian period.  It is easy to imagine yourself transported back in time as you walk through our streets; the distinctive style of the period is hard to ignore, with their elegant stone facades.
What is it about Georgian architecture that we love?
“Perfect proportions, symmetry and space – no wonder we’re so keen to preserve Georgian architecture,” said Christopher Middleton in the Telegraph.
During the Georgian period, architecture was highly influenced by Classical times.  The aristocratic youth would travel through Europe on ‘tours’ aimed at enhancing their education.  These Grand Tours provided them with the opportunity to explore Classical architecture in places such as Greece and Rome. 
One of the most important architectural legacies of the period is the terrace.  A row of townhouses built to meet the demands of the urban growth that followed commercial success.  It was their solution for providing a larger number of houses in a small space.  To prevent the spread of fire, walls were thick and buildings were mainly four storeys in height.
Properties built in the Georgian period are spacious, as architects focused on proportions and symmetry.  This is why, now, many of these townhouses have been converted into apartments that still retain generous room proportions.  Homes of this period also hold their value, making them a good investment.
Bath, the complete Georgian city
As you gaze at these beautifully designed buildings it’s hard imagine how they managed to manoeuvre such heavy Bath stone through our city’s streets and up scaffolding.  Yet their attention to fine details is fascinating, always ensuring they achieved the exacting proportions of Classical facades.
Bath was the first planned city outside of London, and it remains Britain’s most complete Georgian city, a lesson in architectural innovation.  Iconic in stature, with its elegant stone sweeping crescent, the Royal Crescent is one of the greatest examples of architecture of this period.  Due to it being Grade I listed, it remains almost untouched from the day it was built.
Timeless elegant living
There is no doubt that there is a true elegance that comes with living in a Georgian apartment; not only is this your home, you also have the privilege of being the custodian of an important piece of British and local history. 
We are blessed to be able to offer those looking to buy or let a property a glorious home from this much-loved period.  If you would like to see what Georgian apartments we have available at the moment, come and talk to a member of our knowledgeable team.



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