Give your apartment a Mother’s Touch

This morning I walked passed a florist, nothing new there but the array of colour and beauty caught my eye, and more importantly, it reminded me that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I don’t know about you but my Mother loves flowers, she always tells me how she feels it brings her home to life.

Flowers have an incredible power to bring a smile; their colour and fragrant aroma can transform a house into a home. If you are selling your apartment you need to add a Mother’s touch through fresh flowers. This can be achieved with a couple of vases in key rooms in your home. You don’t need big bouquets to create the desired look, 3 small vases on a shelf with hydrangeas will look stylish and elegant. If you don’t have room for your vase of flowers in the kitchen, you can use a glass vase and a bowl filled with limes and lemons.

So we have taken care of the inside but what about the outside? Let’s start with making a great first impression through kerb appeal. Kerb appeal is the term used to describe how attractive your home looks from the pavement. I’m sure you have walked past a house that has caught your eye not only due to its grandeur but also because of its decoration. By adding, for example, a pair of bay trees at the door, or a pot of flowering plants you can turn an ordinary entrance into one you want to step inside.

Don’t forget any outdoor spaces when staging your home, flowerbeds should be given a spring clean, add plants that are already flowering so they pop in colour. Invest in a small number of plant pots for terraces and again add colourful plants; these can always come with you when you move.

At The Apartment Company, we would like to wish all mums, Happy Mother’s Day. Remember if you’re selling your apartment make sure you add a Mother’s Touch to attract buyers and making them feel at home.