Has selling your home become stagnant?

The initial excitement and expectation of selling your home is now well and truly over, you’re now filled with frustration as viewings on your property have dried up.

We can only imagine how confused you are about the situation, but can we stress that decreasing the price of your property is not the only solution when the process of selling your home has become stagnant.
As estate agents we have many tools at our disposal to market your property and attract the right potential buyers.  The issue is that some estate agents will rely solely on the major property websites, such as Rightmove and Zoopla.  Now, these websites are fantastic for grabbing people’s attention but they should be used as just one part of an all-encompassing marketing strategy.
When marketing your home, we want to reach the widest audience possible.  We start by getting to know your home to allow us to build a profile of the ideal buyer.  Knowing this, we can start putting together a plan to ensure every piece of marketing we do has a purpose.
Listing your property on the major property websites, together with our own, creates awareness amongst those who are looking for a property.  This is where other agents pause to see the reaction, and it’s this pause that can stall the process.  After a while, these agents may start trying other ways to market your home, but sadly this is often too late.
The longer your property is on the market, the less attractive it becomes to potential buyers.  They start to wonder if your property is overpriced, perhaps there is something glaringly wrong that cannot be seen in the images provided?  These questions will often mean your home is passed by, or, if viewed, potential purchasers might believe that they are entitled to make a silly offer. 
Your home does not deserve such service. There is no reason why, if marketed correctly, the right buyers shouldn’t be attracted and your property sold without having to resort to the painful tactic of lowering your asking price.
At The Apartment Company we take a proactive approach to marketing. Before your property is listed online, we are reaching out directly to the potential buyers we feel are the right match for your home.  We don’t take what they say they want as gospel; we know that most people buy something that they’re not necessarily looking for.
Our experience in our niche of the Bath apartment market gives us a deeper insight into apartment buyers.  Not all potential buyers are actively looking, therefore we ensure that your property is advertised widely in the local press and regional publications, as well as our own magazine.
We don’t take on your property to increase our listing portfolio; we want to see your property sold, and we certainly will not rest until we’ve made it happen for you.
If your Bath apartment is struggling to sell, come and have a chat to The Apartment Company and see if our approach to selling your home is right for you.