Have you thought about an Open House to sell your apartment?

This week will see us running four Open Houses, well apartments for clients, they provide the opportunity for many potential buyers to view a property simultaneously. Open houses are a culture that has crossed over from the US and are an on-going conversation with the property industry as to whether they provide real value to buyers and vendors. They do require a lot of planning and preparation to be successful but is it worth it?

As a vendor selling your home, it means you that you have to prepare your home for a viewing once rather than on several occasions. This is especially beneficial if you have children or pets as it’s easy to keep them occupied for a day rather than trying to meet the needs of a buyer who could possibly only view during your child’s bedtime. Having several buyers in your home at the same time can create a sense of demand and urgency and therefore, often results in a quicker and higher offer.

An open day for a buyer gives them the opportunity to view a property in a really relaxed setting. They can wander around the property at the speed they wish, re-look at rooms and simply spend time within, what could possibly be their home. We are on hand to answer any questions they will have and can present solutions to any sticking points. 

An Open House can be a powerful edition to your property’s marketing strategy, therefore, contact our sales team today and allow Bath’s apartment specialists to the opportunity to get your apartment sold.