Homebuyers are demanding these two things

As our society and economy changes over the years so do the needs for our homes. Advances in technology make things possible today that was not available in the past. I was watching the first Lethal Weapon film the other night and couldn’t help laughing at the sight of the ‘mobile’ phone, which consisted of a large battery pack with a phone cable, and handset attached, a far cry from what we hold in our hands today. I digress slightly, but it just shows in such a short space of time how things change and evolve.


Did you know that nearly a quarter of a million more people work from today than they did a decade ago? It will therefore, come as no surprise that one of the rooms homebuyers are demanding is a home office.


A recent nationwide study highlighted that having the ability to work from home is crucial for today’s homebuyers, the second must have is a view. A home office doesn’t have to be located inside your apartment, those with a large garden or outside could look into a garden office.


The rise in popularity of a garden space has been hard to ignore, with the recent Shed of the Year competition showcasing the finest examples of the man and she sheds created in the UK. Some of the most fascinating designs are those of purpose built garden offices from spheres to cubes to angles to curves, their uniqueness will not only provide buyers that room their desire but its presence can also add value to your home.

Views are something we have in abundance in Bath, from the sweeping streets of Georgian Terraces, our luscious green landscape, and beautifully flower-filled green spaces, no one can deny we are blessed to live in such gorgeous surroundings. Therefore if views and an office space are at the top of buyers lists then we know our vendors have struck gold.


It is easy to create an area for home working in your apartment, whether that is with a stylish desk adorning a living area, or the creation of a dual purpose bedroom, or maybe even a complete home study. Presenting the solution for working from home can only be an advantage when selling your apartment. The Apartment Company was started from a home office and now grown into the prominent apartment specialists we are today. You never know what future your desk holds for you.

As we start to step into the busy autumn season, we are already finding an increase in vendors and buyers want to move home before the end of the year. Let us help you on your way.