How the sun can help you sell your apartment

There are lots of myths surrounding the best times of year to sell a property, but it can be dependent on a number of different factors. At The Apartment Company, we think summer is a great time to sell your apartment, as long as you’re fully prepared.

Bath and Bristol are two areas that remain steadily buoyant for those looking to buy or sell a property. Buyer appetite in Bristol is definitely hotting up now, with demand up by 10% since March 2015. And according to latest Nationwide figures, the second highest proportion of cash buyers were in the South West of England. Furthermore, with the optimistic atmosphere across the South West property market (following the outcome of the May General Election) coupled with this glorious heatwave we’re having, it’s a brilliant time to beckon buyers in!

So how can you use the sunshine to your advantage and attract the best summertime buyers, for a quick summer sale?

Summer Look

Make potential buyers fall in love with your home instantly by creating a stunning, summery outdoor space. Everything looks nicer in the sunshine, so use this to your advantage by keeping your garden or outdoor space thoroughly pruned and watered, so that the lawns and plants remain at their greenest and the flowers are in full bloom. Make sure your outdoor furniture is in top shape as it will add to creating lifestyle your potential buyers are seeking.

Summer Kerb Appeal

The saying 'don't judge a book by its cover' does not apply in the property market, so the way your apartment looks from the outside could make or break a sale. With that in mind, start to think about adding summer-coloured plants/flowers, as well as decorating the space with some carefully placed ‘summer accents’ e.g. replacing your furniture cushions with colourful, summer hues.

Summer Viewings

The sun is out for longer, so be sure to set the scene for your evening viewings. Place outdoor lighting sensitively for a softer, warmer atmosphere; e.g. conceal lights in trees/within the path, etc. Be open to evening/twilight viewings too, to attract as many viewings as possible.

Summer Exposure

Rightmove has recently been crowned as the portal reaching the largest audience of home-hunters and sellers, gaining more than 78% of the UK's total property related website traffic! So as a seller, when you use The Apartment Company you can be 100% confident that you're getting the highest level of exposure, as well as the best possible service.

Summer Window Dressing

Potential buyers are always drawn to windows. So in the height of summer, it is the perfect opportunity for apartment-hunters to look out onto your outdoor space and picture themselves living there. Be sure your windows have been cleaned and keep curtains pulled back as far as possible; for the optimum amount of light and appearance of extra space.

Summer Light

To make your apartment seem even bigger be sure to open and fully tie-back the curtains and/or make sure the blinds are pulled to the very top. If your window furnishings are creating a darker atmosphere than desired it is also worth removing these and replacing them with lighter curtains or voiles.

Quick Tip: Never close your blinds/curtains for viewings, unless there is something particularly unappealing on the other side.

Extra Summer Touches

Here are some extra summer touches to consider:

-        Smells: You want to greet your potential buyers with welcoming scents that aren’t too overpowering. So try to go with natural, summer-inspired scents, e.g. zesty fruits, cut roses, honeysuckle, strawberries, and cream, etc.

-        Air: Could you decide on your next home in a hot and stuffy environment? Neither could we! It’s important to make sure that the air is constantly circulating throughout. So whether you have built-in air-conditioning or numerous strategically placed fans around the apartment, make it cool enough that your viewings won’t want to leave!

-        Welcome: Offer summer treats and drinks to your viewings; make your home memorable and welcoming in the hot weather.

This really is a great time to consider selling your apartment; what with interest rates remaining low and wages continuing to increase, not forgetting transactions set to pick up over the summer months ahead too.

In the Bristol/Bath area and thinking of selling your apartment this summer? If so, please get in touch with one of our friendly team today and access our specialist services ASAP!