How to reap the maximum profits from your apartment sale

The ability to reap additional profits on the sale of your apartment can be accomplished easily enough, if you make the improvements. Many changes can provide the prospective buyer with enhanced feelings about your home. Feelings of more space, more light, more rooms, more closet space, greater privacy, warmth and security. Basic, simple and inexpensive improvements can provide an improved emotional response in a potential buyer.

An example could be something as small as a crack in the paint on a wall. By simply applying some plaster and touch-up paint, you eliminated what may be an unstated concern that your home was poorly maintained. Though the feeling may be unconscious, it’s just as important that the potential buyer feel an overall sense of emotional desire for your home. If you are working with a small budget, these simple techniques will work absolute wonders.

1.         The Magic of Mirrors!         

Mirrors can provide a greater sense of space and elegance when properly placed. Be careful not to overdo it, but when placed properly throughout your home, each area will seem larger to the potential buyer. Try looking in your attic or cellar for any old mirrors, but be sure they have a nice frame or at least give the frame a new coat of paint. You may also want to visit a local market or charity shop - you can often find a great deal on an old mirror or two! Putting one- foot square mirrors on a closet door home in the master bedroom is also always an attractive touch.          

2.         Adding Additional Closet Space

One of the biggest complaints heard from potential buyers is that there just isn’t enough closet space! Simply purchasing an inexpensive closet organizer and installing it in any or all of your closets can make all the difference. You can also try putting a rod across one corner of a bedroom, for hanging clothes. A creative “fake closet” could be made to look like part of the room by putting a rod further up to hang a clothes-hiding screen, and using material which matches the duvet or curtains.

3.         Make a Bare Wall Beautiful

Wallpaper is inexpensive, quick and easy to do! The right wallpaper can brighten the room or hallway and bring it back to life. Be careful to choose something with a neutral design or pattern. Remember, you’re trying to move out!

4.         Bring Old Floors Back to Life!

Nothing turns off a potential buyer quicker than dull, dingy, disgusting-looking floors. Whether you have wax, wooden or tiled floors, do whatever you can to make them shine again! For wax floors, either rent a floor machine and do it yourself, or hire a professional if it’s in your budget. Have a professional give you an estimate and explain exactly what they would do to bring your floors back to life. If you have them explain what they would do, it may be just as easy to do it yourself. If you have carpeted floors you should either have the carpet steam-cleaned or, if it’s in your budget, install new carpeting. This may sound expensive, but new carpeting could add thousands of pounds to the value of your home.

5. Bring in Some Plants

Having plants in the house is not only healthy for you, but they create a warm feeling. Ficus trees have become very popular and they can be purchased inexpensively. Attractive pots such as ceramic, brass or even designer plastic will add flair to your home. Hanging plants such as Boston ferns are inexpensive, easy to care for and would go great in your new home wherever you move.

6.         Adding a Room Without Calling in the builders!

This simple but seldom-used technique can give a buyer the feeling that there are more actual rooms in your house. Floor-to-ceiling room dividers are inexpensive and simple to install. When a buyer walks through your home, they will generally count the rooms in a subconscious manner. Each room will present an emotional response as they walk through your home. By dividing and designing each side of your room, you create a ‘separate room” feeling in the potential buyer. It may sound crazy, but it works.

7.         Clean Up the Bathroom       

We’ve probably all heard this phrase a hundred times growing up. Well guess what? It’s still valid. Give your bathroom the face-lift it probably needs. Fresh paint, decorative mouldings, tile grout and new designer faucets are all attractive eye catchers.   

8.          What is That Smell? 

People don’t like to admit it but everyone’s home has a certain smell to it. We just never notice because we live with it day in, day out. Strategically placing fresh scent devices throughout the home will be pleasant to the nose of any potential buyer. As a matter of fact, an old estate agent trick is to pop some pastries or bread in the oven 5 minutes before a showing. I bet you thought all agents just had a craving for baked goods!

By implementing just a few of these simple changes, you can add thousands of pounds to the ultimate selling price of your apartment.