How to survive the knife edge of the sales process

How to survive the knife edge of the sales process

Once you’ve had an offer it’s very easy to sit back, relax and start getting ready to move, but you’re now entering the sales progression phase.

This is where nerves and doubts can take told and, like us, we know you want the sale to go as smoothly as possible. So how do you survive the knife edge of the sales process?
Be transparent
Buyers are wanting to feel excited about making your apartment their home, so it’s important that any concerns are swiftly eased.  Concerns are like niggles that can grow and fester if not managed properly, so if your buyers wish to view a couple more times, let them.  If they wish to invest in an additional survey, then provided you’ve been honest and transparent you have nothing to worry about.
If, however, you’ve withheld any information, or haven’t been completely clear, buyers will start to wonder what you’re hiding.  A buyer goes into a sale with a certain level of trust, this trust needs to be nurtured and strengthened as the sale progresses.  If you damage the trust, you could be find your buyer walking away from the sale.
Be swift
Delays are your worst nightmare. They give people time to think but, worse than that, to overthink.  Delays make people nervous, and as soon as doubt takes hold it can be hard to get rid of it. 
If you want your sale to go smoothly, you need to do everything you can to ensure things happen swiftly.  As soon as you receive a document to sign, read it carefully to ensure you have completed everything you need to.  If you’re unsure what it means or what you’re required to do, ask.  It’s important that things are returned properly completed the first time to ensure the next step can happen as soon as possible.
Be present
This is your move, so make sure you’re as involved as possible. That way, you can react if any problems arise.  The more you understand about what to expect and the sequence of events, the more you will enjoy the whole process. 
Be savvy
The companies and individuals you choose to support your sale will have a huge impact on the experience.  A proactive conveyancer can be the biggest godsend, so ask around for recommendations. You want someone who will be thorough and drive the sale forward, who will make sure you’re never out of the picture.  From your mortgage advisor to your surveyor, each person has a part to play in making your move a successful one.
At The Apartment Company we make sure you feel as though you belong, guiding you through the sales progression, supporting those companies you have chosen, and providing an ear when needed. It’s our job to nurture your chain, pre-empt any issues and resolve them without you having to worry.  Although the sales process can feel like living on a knife edge, with our help it will be your smoothest move yet.


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