How you can live a little greener in Bath

How you can live a little greener in Bath

Climate change is dominating the news at the moment, from the Extinction Rebellion protests in London to Greta Thunberg’s address to politicians at the Houses of Parliament.

For years, our nation’s most respected and beloved presenter, Sir David Attenborough, has been warning us about the impact of climate change on our planet.  The 92-year-old recently said that global warming is “our greatest threat in thousands of years.”  You might be interested to learn that it’s said apartment living is better for the environment, due to the lifestyle it offers. Let us explain.
Bath offers a fantastic lifestyle for all who live here, and we know that many of the people who buy or rent an apartment through us tend to choose sustainable forms of transport.  City living offers them their ideal: an apartment from which they can walk or cycle their way to work.  They seek amenities within easy reach so they can pop out for coffee at the weekend and enjoy dinner with friends without the need for traveling short journeys in a car.
"While Earth has survived radical climatic changes and regenerated following mass extinctions, it's not the destruction of Earth that we are facing, it's the destruction of our familiar, natural world and our uniquely rich human culture,” states Sir David Attenborough.  Therefore, why not join us in playing our part in being a bit greener by using local and ethical places to shop? Luckily, Bath has them in abundance.
Next time you’re passing by Walcot Street, you need to visit Harvest to check out their fantastic range of ethically sourced products.  Not only will you find a wonderful range of food and drink, they also sell a great range of make-up and beauty products that are all vegan.  From lipsticks to facial washes, concealers to deodorants, Harvest’s aim is to change the world for the better.
The company started back in 1851 in New York City, today Kiehl’s is dedicated to using more naturally derived ingredients and responsible packaging.  They have a ‘recycle and be rewarded’ scheme – when you return an empty container you will receive a stamp, 10 stamps and you’re rewarded with a travel sized product.
Another store that has been around for some years is Seasons. Since 1987, this George Street store has been offering expert knowledge and a wide range of natural products.  They are also home to The Bath Massage Company, who provide holistic massage and reflexology treatments.
Bath Soft Cheese
Stocked in several stores throughout the city is Bath Soft Cheese. Made from milk from the company’s own cows, this award-winning organic cheese is made by hand at Park Farm, located just outside the city in Kelston.  They offer a range of cheese from Bath Soft, to the nutty and creamy Wyfe of Bath, but you must try Merry Wyfe.  The washed-rind cheese is made from Wyfe of Bath curds pressed and washed in local cider made from organic apples, hence the name Merry Wyfe.
We know there are many more ethical local stores and companies within Bath, and would love to know your favourites.


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