How your apartment can attract Bath’s homeworkers

How your apartment can attract Bath’s homeworkers

We are continuing to see a rise in the number of people who work from home amongst those looking to buy or let a property.

Attracted by the flexibility it gives them, with no or reduced commuting hours, the ability to be there for the moments that matter is certainly a big pull.  But what are these homeworkers looking for in an apartment and, more importantly, how can you attract them?
Aiding productivity
For those who work from home, it’s important to have a designated working space.  Tidying all your things away to eat dinner doesn’t help productivity and can be frustrating for everyone in the household.  Apartments are great spaces, often with quirky areas perfect to place a desk away from the centre of all the family action. 
When you’re getting a property ready for sale or let, think about where a desk could go and, if possible, place one in situ.  This will not only help define the space but enable people to see how your apartment could meet all their needs.
Aiding connectivity
The is nothing more frustrating than not being connected.  What is the mobile and broadband connectivity like in your apartment?  Is there anything you can do to boost it?  Could you make sure Wi-Fi is installed and reaches all areas of the home?
Aiding solitude
Although there are many perks to working from home, one factor that often doesn’t get discussed is how solitary it can be.  You don’t have colleagues to have a quick chat with whilst you’re grabbing a coffee, someone to bounce ideas off, or simply just some company. 
Find out if there are some nearby hotdesking centres, and exactly where they are. Why?  It shows that you have thought about your target market, that you care about their wellbeing in what could be their future home, and also that you understand what they need from a property.
The Guild Hub at the Guildhall provides hotdesking solutions for those working in tech or creative industries.  For something less formal, we can recommend Society Café, which can be found on the corner of Kingsmead Square.  There are plenty of spaces to sit and reflect across its two floors, and you can also enjoy some treats from local suppliers.
Aiding creativity
Being stuck looking at the same four walls every day will not inspire creativity, no matter how stunning your apartment is.  But Bath is filled with wonderful walks, green spaces and an abundance of historic buildings.  At The Apartment Company, we will always inform prospective buyers and tenants about where they can explore on their doorstep to get away from it all.
With summer (hopefully) approaching, people will be wanting to make use of the outdoors.  Does your apartment have any outside space? Would a few extra plants help to get someone’s creative juices flowing?
Aiding you
Not every apartment would work for the homeworking market.  Should you wish to invest in attracting this growing segment of buyers and tenants, come and chat to a member of our team.




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