Increase your home’s appeal with a balcony garden

Increase your home’s appeal with a balcony garden

Many people believe that, should they choose an apartment to live, they will have to leave their green-fingered days behind.

But with apartments often having a small courtyard, roof terrace or balcony as outside space, you can simply create your own oasis that will provide you that relaxing haven as well as increasing your home’s appeal.
You should always consider your balcony as an additional space rather than something standalone.  Just like every other room in the house, think about how you want to use it. Is it going to be a cosy reading nook, or an extra area to entertain?  Even the narrowest of balconies can have seating, think about using a storage bench rather than chairs and table to make better use of the space.
Should you be wanting to increase the privacy of your apartment, plants are the perfect decoration.  Not only do they look beautiful, plants can also change the feel of your balcony to one that produces a sense of calm.  Create a natural barrier using potted plants that grow straight up, such as climbing plants and bamboo.  There is also a school of thought that you should only use one plant in your balcony design.
“A stunning single plant in a planter can do so much more for a small space than a group of less-impressive specimens. If you are time-poor you get more impact without hours of maintenance… Dramatic, architectural plants are the way to go,” says award-winning RHS Chelsea garden designer and author of new book Urban Garden Design, Kate Gould.
Before you start decorating your balcony with luscious greenery you need to check if there are any regulations regarding what can be placed on there.  For example, the use of plants suspending outside the railings may be prohibited, there may also be restrictions on the number of pots and planters than can be used.
As all the plants will be potted you need to choose ones that thrive in such an environment, as they can spread.  Bear in mind the plants you select for your pots may be seasonal, meaning how your balcony looks will change throughout the months ahead.  As with any internal space, don’t forget to think of the lighting of your balcony.  We advise you stick with outdoor LED lights and look at adding lights at different levels to create a layered look.
If you’re thinking of selling or letting your apartment in the future, your outside space is a huge selling point, one that often gets overlooked.  Not everyone is seeking a large garden, but some do struggle to see how they can make a space such as a balcony or roof terrace into a garden that they will enjoy tending.
Always look at your outside space as another room to furnish and decorate. Not only will it increase your home’s appeal to buyers and tenants, it also has the potential to increase the value of your property.  To discover more benefits of apartment living, contact our team today, we’d love to show you how you can make the next apartment you view your home.


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