Is your estate agent a good negotiator?

We know that being able to negotiate is an essential part of being an estate agent. Your agent may be talking proudly about their excellent marketing strategy, but to ensure this strategy achieves the best result it must include negotiation.

A sale price is not an exact figure and the negotiator will undoubtedly influence the price agreed. We know that the difference between the highest and lowest offer can be as much as, and sometimes more than 10% that equates to £20,000 to £60,000. Without a good negotiator and pricing strategy, you will go 'in blind' and potentially lose thousands of pounds. It is imperative from the onset that you are able to build a rapport with your chosen agent and understand how their influence will deliver you the best possible price.

Our price range strategy allows us to explore the market fully before committing our client to a sale. It also means that clients are confident and assured as we can prove that their sales price is comparable with similar apartment sales. This is why on average we can achieve c. 1% higher sales price than the asking price.

As negotiators, we work for you and your home. You deserve an agent who is a proactive negotiator, has the capability to seal the deal and also conscientious enough to see the deal through to completion. Not all estate agents are good negotiators, don’t miss out on a much needed higher offer because of your agents failure to negotiate to the level required.

At The Apartment Company, we understand the importance of good negotiation.