Is your estate agent jumping?

As buyers and sellers, we often focus on sealing the deal of having an offer accepted; yet the trickiest part is still to come.  This is the time where your estate agent should jump into action and in effect become your mission control. 


At The Apartment Company, we aim to make your move as stress-free as possible.  We will keep in touch with your solicitors and your buyers’ solicitors, chase paperwork, documents, and whatever else is needed to keep the sale moving forward as quickly as possible.  But we believe a stress-free move is all down to teamwork.


Although your agent has a strong handle on everything, you can cause delays by not being ready.  Are you paperwork ready?

  • Deeds – Prevent stress by finding your deeds now. 
  • Servicing – All servicing documentation for your boiler, other gas appliances, and electrical supply together with any certificates for recent work completed on your home.
  • Mortgage – You must have a mortgage in place before you make an offer, you may not be able to afford the home you want.
  • Identity – Several parties will require your passports and other identity documents together with a list of your previous addresses.
  • Leasehold and Management Company Information – This will ensure a smooth transition for you and your buyer.


Everyone aspires to have a stress free move and if you have an agent who is jumping and you are paperwork ready, then hopefully you can enjoy a sale that will go as smoothly as possible. 


Are you looking to sell your home with a specialist company who excel at ‘jumping’?   Then you need to sell your home with The Apartment Company.