Landlords, are you meeting the needs of the fashionable renter?

It’s not very often that renting a property and fashion are brought together, but this week an article in London’s Evening Standard caught our eye.  London is seeing and increased demand for dog friendly apartments due to the celebrity craze for ‘Handbag Dogs’.  Landlords have responded by requesting huge upfront payments to agree a tenancy with a dog.

We too are starting to see an increased need for pet friendly apartments.  Not only are ‘Handbag Dogs’ growing in popularity but also due to major stars such as Taylor Swift constantly sharing photos and videos of her beloved cats on social media, cats are also a must for many young professionals.

As a landlord you have a need to protect your investment but we wouldn’t advise the upfront fees as seen in London.  In our experience there can actually be some positives to renting your property to animal loving professional tenants.  We can’t deny that there are bad experiences with tenants with pets, but this is mainly down to the tenant and not the animal.

Are you tired of having void periods?  Pet owners are looking for a home; a long-term solution as they know that moving can be extremely stressful for their animal.  Therefore a pet owner is more than likely looking for a long-term renewable let rather than a short or one off rental.

Having a pet can help beat stress, studies have found that playing with a cat or dog can calm you down.  This reminds me, have you seen the latest episode of DIY SOS?  They are upgrading a street in Manchester solely for war veterans.  In the first episode one of the veterans featured suffers terribly with PTSD, he described how being around horses has helped his anxiety greatly. Animals have this innate therapeutic ability to love and gage our emotional state.

Owning a pet of any kind is a commitment; they are completely dependant on their owner.  Therefore pet owners, on the whole, are conscientious; knowing and fully understanding the risk the landlord is taking allowing them to rent their property.

Due to this growing need for homes for tenants and their pets many landlords are now starting to relax their rules.  As with all tenancies we will undertake all the necessary checks and conduct regular inventories to ensure your investment is protected.

As the need for pet apartments continues, you maybe ‘wagging’ yourself out of an excellent tenancy if you’re not meeting the needs of the new bread of fashionable renter.

Landlords, don’t go round the houses let us introduce you to our highly regarded management service for your property.