Landlords, don’t forget your most important asset this winter

This week I’ve woken to see ice on my car windscreen and the grass covered in frost, winter is coming, or is it here?  Now if you believe the weather forecast, then snow is on its way, The Met Office have even stated there could be a chance of snow falling on Christmas Day.  They posted a statement posted online that said “"It is likely to be rather a cold period, with temperatures below average for the time of year,” time for hat and gloves I think.  Whether you love or loathe winter, there is one thing you should never neglect, and that is your rental property.


We have all seen on TV the damage the recent floods have caused in homes across the country and so close to Christmas, your heart goes out to those families who are spending this festive season cleaning up the mess.  Similar damage can be caused when pipes freeze and then burst, you don’t want your tenants to experience such anguish as well as the cost and stress of the subsequent repairs. 


If you haven’t for a while, check that your water pipes have the proper insulation, and also what your tenants’ plans are for Christmas?  Why?  If they don’t have the heating on over the festive season as they are away visiting friends and family this can cause the pipes to freeze.  We like to advise our tenants the importance of their pipes maintaining a constant temperature, therefore ask them to leave the heating on low whilst they are away.


Bath looks stunning in the autumn with all the trees decorated with rich red and orange colours.  These leaves have now fallen and may have ended up in gutters and drains.  If you are responsible for this area of your apartment it is worth having them checked as soon as possible, as water can build up in clogged drains.  If the water then seeps into your apartment it may lead to serious damp issues.  Undertake a little property maintenance today and it could prevent larger and experience problems in the future.


We know that the boilers in all the properties we manage have been checked and serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer, has your boiler been serviced recently?  Not only is this a requirement as a landlord but it can prevent failures, fires and gas leaks, none of which we know you and your tenants want to experience this Christmas.  If you haven’t already, add a carbon monoxide alarm to your rental properties, with an increase in the amount of gas being used, this simple and inexpensive device could save lives.


Many period apartments have beautiful fireplaces which are still used as a real fire or been replaced by a wood burning stove. There is nothing as cosy on a cold winters night than snuggling in front of a roaring fire.  That being said has your chimney been inspected and cleaned this year?  If not, get one booked in as soon as possible as it can prevent brickwork corrosion and chimney fires.  Oh, and let’s not forget you need it looking its best for Father Christmas.


At The Apartment Company, we don’t just manage one area of your tenancy we ensure every aspect is taken care of.  Our proactive approach has saved our landlords in the long run, whilst providing a caring service that ensures your tenants feel looked after.  Our reputation in lettings in Bath means our properties let quicker, have minimal void periods and extended tenancies.  This winter, if you’re struggling to manage your portfolio then contact the apartment specialists.