Lets for Pets

It is no secret that we are a nation who love their pets. In fact all of us at The Apartment Company own pets - one of whom, Socks, joins us at work every day.


According to The Dog’s Trust, almost half of the UK owns a pet and a recent survey found that 54% of pet owners were not able to find a great property that accepted them. 8% of people had to rehome their pets!


So it begs the question for landlords – should you be adopting a pet-friendly approach? The answer is ‘yes.’ By being one of the minority of landlords in Bath who do allow pets, there are many benefits to doing so.  


As the private rental sector continues to grow each year, we have seen a growing trend for pet-friendly homes for let. With home ownership still out of reach for many tenants, I expect this is a trend that is going to continue. Therefore, it makes financial sense for landlords to tap into that growing market…


Firstly, you should help increase interest to your properties, because they will be so highly sought after.


You will also attract long-term and responsible tenants. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, so tenants are more likely to be responsible themselves. Knowing how limited pet-friendly homes are, they are also less likely to jeopardise the tenancy and more likely to stay longer.  


Furthermore, apartments can make great homes for pets, especially if on ground level and with outdoor space. You can’t expect a cat to climb the drain pipe every day to reach the third floor!


However, for peace of mind, we recommend the following:


- Ask for a higher deposit as it will cover any damage caused by their pets. You’ll find that tenants will be prepared to pay this.
- Ask for a pet reference from a previous landlord or their vet.
- Ask to meet the pets.
- Ask for a professional clean upon departure.
- Check with your freeholder and the terms of your lease just in case it specifies you cannot have pets in the building. If you can’t, you may be able to change this with the freeholder.
- Limit the number of pets you allow.
- Add a pet clause into the tenancy agreement which lists conditions the tenant must comply with.



Here are some of our pets, we hope you like them! 



'Archie' is owned by our Senior Lettings Negotiator, Jon Butt



'Socks' the jack russell - owned by Head of Bath Office, Sharon Clesham



'Teddy' the toy poodle - owned by Head of PR, Lucy Tinkler