Lights, camera, action and sold

Last week I met with our videographer to plan our next series of videos, from our exceptional popular Christmas tale last year to our selling advice, each video continues to build awareness of The Apartment Company attracting vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants from Bath, London and overseas. We put a great amount effort into planning every detail of each series of videos, they need to provide the right amount of advice, engage the viewer as well as being beautifully shot.

All our videos are tiny compared to the major TV and Film productions that have graced our streets such as Inspector Morse, Les Miserables, and The Duchess. But no matter what the size of the production there are always many elements that need to work seamlessly together to achieve the desired result. From skilled artists, locations, scripts to editing, whether it is a 2-minute video providing advice on selling your home to the next big release, it’s the fusion of all these pieces that turns one idea into something we want to watch.

Selling your home is very much like making a film, before you start you need to have all our finances in place, without them the production or your move wouldn’t get off the ground. The studio or estate agent, with their support, hard work and guidance they have the power to create an award-winning partnership or a huge flop. It is therefore, important that you choose an agent who is experienced in your genre, and ours of course, is apartments. There is nothing we don’t know about Bath’s apartment market and how to achieve the best for your property.

Now it’s time to build the sets where the action will take place, or in our world, stage your home for sale. Set designers, prop masters and costume makers together with a vast team of people ensure that every detail is meticulously accurate for the desired look and period of the film. You should think of presenting your home for sales in a similar way, as soon as you take a step back and view your property as a stage, only then will you be able to see it through the eyes of a buyer and not just your home. Set the scene, seduce your audience (buyers) and give them and experience that they will remember.

Just because the film has been shot work hasn’t finished, and neither is ours after an offer has been accepted. In fact, this can be sometimes more difficult than selling your home. Working closely with all parties we anticipate and resolve issues swiftly, chase documentation, keep communication flowing and work tirelessly for a successful outcome.

Our red carpet moment is when you have completed and hand us your keys. Combine this with your ‘critic’ reviews and we know we have produced a blockbuster.

Plan your way to a successful sale by leaving nothing to chance and ensure you have the right agent by your side.


Apartments and The Apartment Company is the romantic story that never ends.