Our '12 Tips of Christmas' for tenants

At this time of year, we recommend all tenants prepare their homes for the winter. Here are twelve 'tips' of Christmas to help prevent disasters such as burst water pipes, fires, a broken boiler or no heating at all. 


Protect your pipes

As temperatures drop below zero, your pipes will expand and contract – especially at night. Frozen pipes prevent water flow, and can eventually burst causing damage. If you’re away during the holidays, keep your heating on low to ensure a constant heat.


Report problems now

Otherwise you risk costly call-out charges for repairs during the holidays.


Find out where your stopcock is

In an emergency, you will need to shut off the water supply.


Bleed your radiators

Your radiator needs to be the same temperature at the top and bottom to ensure your boiler works safely and properly.


Emergency numbers

Find out the contact details of who you need to call in case of an emergency.


Annual boiler service

Your landlord or managing agent will know when it needs to be done.



Occasionally rooms such as your kitchen and bathrooms need to be ventilated to prevent the build-up of mould.


Clean open fireplaces

Make sure you’ve had your annual professional clean to prevent a chimney fire.


Get torches

In case of power cuts.


Unplug fairy lights

Whenever you leave the house, unplug your fairy lights as they are a big cause of fires.


Be careful with candles

Don’t set anything alight!


Get shopping

And finally, make sure you buy all your Christmas presents in time!


Responsible letting agents should make sure that their tenants are safe and warm over the winter. Do have a chat with your landlord or managing agent for any concerns you may have. They will be very grateful that you’re being so responsible. 

May I take this opportunity to wish all of our tenants a very Merry Christmas.