Presenting your apartment for the best rental return

What are today’s tenants looking for?  By understanding their wants and needs you can ensure that your apartment is presented to achieve the best rental return.  At The Apartment Company, we attract professional tenants whether they are working locally or further afield, all they are really looking for is not a property to let but a home.


Walking through the door of your apartment they want to experience those same magical feelings as you would if you were looking to buy.  It doesn’t matter if your apartment is elegantly period or contemporary chic it needs to capture their hearts and minds.


There are many things you can’t change to make your apartment more appealing, such as location, transport, and amenities.  Tenants want to have a home they feel proud of even if it’s not their own, so focus on the things that you can change and will have an impact.  This can be achieved by staging your property to let.


Imagine walking into an unfurnished apartment, there is no furniture, no warm furnishings, just a cold empty space.  Although the property may have some alluring features, you are relying on the tenant’s ability to be able to ‘see’ the apartment as a home.  Don’t base your methods on presumptions, many of us can’t visualize a space and even more struggle with sizes.  You may have a bedroom that could easily fit a double bed, but when confronted with the room a tenant won’t necessarily see it and may even deem the room to be too small.


Now imagine walking into the same apartment, a few key pieces of furniture have been added rooms.  A sofa in the living room takes full advantage of the view that decorates the window.  The bedroom now has a double bed and you really can now see how spacious this room is.  Your potential tenant is starting to see your apartment as a home and picturing how they would live there.


Even if your apartment is furnished take the time to make it look its best.  Little touches such as eye-catching cushions that match the décor, a couple of place settings at the breakfast bar or dining table and the beds are beautifully made with white linens.  Each little detail will help to maximise your rental in a competitive market.  But don’t forget two crucial elements, your apartment must be spotless and in an excellent state of repair, even if this means a fresh coat of paint.


Landlords who stage their apartment to let don’t only achieve the best rental returns but we also find their properties rent quicker and have minimal void periods.  At The Apartment Company, we are extremely selective in the apartment we accept to let and manage.  We want to give our tenants the finest choice in Bath.  Attracting these tenants is advantageous as they look after your apartment as if it was their own which means they stay longer and are happier in their tenancy.


Remember to not neglect your apartments outside space and even communal areas, adding plants and flowers can really transform a space as can the use of lighting.  As we are slowing etching our way into winter the afternoons are getting darker quicker which means that your prospective tenant may be viewing your property in the dark.  Make sure any outside lights are working and add a couple of solar lights if needed so your apartment greets tenants with a warm welcome.


For more advice on how to achieve the best rental return for your apartment, contact the apartment specialists on 01255 303870.