Sell your Bath apartment faster with these lesser-known tips

As soon as you tell people you’re selling your home, people will be eager to tell you their own moving stories and offer some bits of advice.  Even as you meet with potential estate agents, we will be advising you how best to present your home to ensure you achieve the best possible price. From removing the clutter, having a neutral décor and giving your apartment a deep clean, you’re on the right foot for getting it on the market.  But there are some lesser-known tactics that you may not have heard and that can help sell your Bath apartment faster.
Being available
We all have busy lives that can pull us in a variety of directions, yet our need for instant responses can mean we are put off by delays.  Let us explain. Should a buyer wish to view your apartment at short notice, your instant reaction may be to say “No!” But by doing so you may turn the buyer off, and they may view something else instead. 
When it comes to viewings, you need to be available. At The Apartment Company we undertake the viewings on your behalf, not only to make your home more available but also because our experience in this situation can help encourage an offer and gain you a sale quicker.  We know a viewing at a short notice can be an inconvenience, but you never know – saying yes could be the best decision you make.
Power of friends
Not everyone thinking of buying a new home is actively looking; some may be wanting a property in a certain area or building and are therefore taking a very laid-back approach to their search.  Why wait until your apartment is on the market to get the buzz going and spread the word?
Letting your neighbours, friends and family know in advance that you are selling your home can help to sell faster.  Word of mouth marketing is one strategy that we believe is incredibly powerful, which is why we’re always talking about the properties we’re marketing.  You just never know who may be listening!
Leave the light on
As the days and nights grow darker, even those homes normally flooded with natural light can start to look cold.  You don’t want buyers disconnected when they wander around your apartment, you want them to feel at home.  Make sure the lights and lamps are on and the curtains and blinds are open so even on the darkest of days, your home is bright.
Eye on the details
We are strong advocates for the value of professional photography. You only have to look at the quality of the imagery on our website to know that we take pride in making sure each and every apartment is looking its best.  An estate agent who has their eye on all the details and has the tenacity to chase every possible opportunity will help to get your home in front of the right buyers and thus will help sell your apartment faster.
When it comes to selling your home, we never miss a trick.  For more advice, come and chat to the apartment specialists at The Apartment Company.