Sellers are you ready? There are 20% more buyers looking for a home

Happy New Year!  We have eaten, drank and been merry and now it’s time to get back to some kind of normality.  But whilst we have all been celebrating, many of us have been online searching for a new home.  With an influx of enquiries already we know that we have a busy time ahead, what’s more, the National Association of Estate Agents have stated that the number of house hunters has grown by 20%.


If you are looking to sell your apartment it is estimated that there will be an average of 10 buyers out there for every home on the market.  There is a lack of properties on the market across the UK this lack of stock is why there is greater demand.  This frenzy of activity could mean that property prices could increase.  There is no doubt that we are in a sellers market therefore if you were unsure before Christmas, you can be assured that now is the time to sell.


Selling your property in this market is exciting but you also need an agent that will add value to your sale.  Even though it is a sellers market, it is more important than ever to ensure that your property is marketed to the widest audience possible.  It is no good to just attract buyers, you need an agent that will ensure you property is seen by the most serious of buyers in Bath, London and overseas.


At The Apartment Company, we pride on ensuring that each and every photograph we use to market your home is of the highest quality and can sell.  It needs to sell aspiration, it should invite the buyer in so they can see themselves sitting in your living room or cooking in your kitchen.  You are not just selling an apartment, you are selling a lifestyle and we want buyers to grab it and never let it go.  Photographs are just the start of the story, each element of our marketing material is designed and produced to seduce potential buyers, making them want to see more and book a viewing.


We invest in featured listings on Rightmove, so that your property shines on the page and entices the viewing to click and take a look.  We have stood firm in continue to use both Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as a number of other property portals.  Where other agents have moved away from the big two, we have seen our enquiries increase proving that we are marketing your homes exactly where potential buyers are looking.


Our marketing will get you viewings, this I have no doubt, but our knowledge and expertise in the apartment field takes our service to you one step further in the viewing.  Conducting the viewing, guiding and selling the dream is how we convert your potential buyers into serious ones who make attractive offers and commit.  At The Apartment Company, we don’t want you to have just any sale, it needs to be the right one, the sale that will complete and allow you to move with ease as we take care of the stress for you.


Even with an abundance of buyers and an active market, it's easy to get lost in the volume of information around us.  Don’t cut corners and ensure you instruct an estate agent who is a specialist in the apartment market in Bath.  Not only as specialists do we have a unique insight to the Bath market but we consistently seek to add value to your sale at every stage of the process.  If you are thinking of selling your apartment, now is certainly the ideal time to take the plunge, and with The Apartment Company, you may achieve more than you imagined.