Should you stage your rental apartment?

Bath’s rental market is fast paced and strong, and to achieve a consistently good return it’s important you do all you can to attract potential tenants.

Apartments that are well presented certainly have an edge when it comes to viewings, but should you stage a rental property?
Why stage?
Home-staging is often discussed in relation to apartments for sale, but less so when it comes to rental properties.  You could be of the school of thought that it doesn’t matter, thus relying on the imagination of the tenants to do all the hard work.  By doing so you are, in effect, allowing them to make presumptions about your apartment and its size that may be wrong and may influence their decision.
Not everyone can walk into a space and immediately understand its actual size and see its potential.  For many of us, we need to see that a double bed actually fits in the guest room with ease, that a three-seater sofa comfortably works against that wall and that yes, the kitchen will fit a table for dinner. 
You want tenants making decisions based on facts, not their initial interpretation of your apartment.
Should I furnish?
Just because tenants are looking for an unfurnished apartment doesn’t mean you can’t help them see what it would be like to live there.  Filling your property with furniture is not a solution, as it’s a significant, costly and unnecessary undertaking.  What we at The Apartment Company would advise is to place a few key pieces in important rooms, thus providing your tenants with perspective.  They will know what the bedroom looks like with a double bed, instead of having to imagine it.
There are many ingenious ways of staging an apartment that won’t break the bank.  Key pieces such as a bed and a sofa will turn your apartment into a home.  A couple of accessories like tactile cushions and bedding, will add warmth and give your tenants that welcome they seek.
Have you forgotten?
It can be easy to forget that rental properties aren’t just an investment, you are providing someone with a home.  Just as buyers will search high and low for ‘the one’, the same goes for tenants. In some ways even more so, as they need to be assured they will be cared for when they move in, too.
A well-presented apartment demonstrates your commitment to your investment, that you care for the property and want your tenants to make it their home.  You understand the needs of your tenants and will do your best to make them feel safe and secure.  It’s often the simplest of touches that can make the biggest difference.
For more ways you can maximise your investment to attract a high number of potential tenants, come and chat to our lettings team.  Working with tenants every day, we know what wins and what can hinder.  At The Apartment Company we want your rental property to win everytime.