Should your second home be your first home?

There is a new kind of buyer entering the Bath property market, and one which you may not expect.  Busy lives can take us in many directions and, as such, there can be a lack of stability and constant change.  There is no such thing as a job for life and therefore some on the career track find themselves moving for work, whether that be in the UK or overseas, yet their desire to get on the property ladder remains.  These buyers are looking to buy their second home before they have discovered their first.
What do we mean?
When you’re constantly moving, renting can be the preferred option as it gives you the flexibility you need should a new opportunity arise.  So instead of looking to purchase a home, you look for a holiday home or a rental property that can give you the investment you seek whilst life leads you in different directions.
Due to being a member of The Guild, a national network of independent estate agents, many of our properties are marketed through their Park Lane office in London.  Attracting well-connected professionals and overseas buyers, we are finding more and more professionals seeking our advice with regard to finding a ‘second home’ in Bath.
It’s no wonder our city appeals, with its easy commute to central London and other major cities, and Bristol airport only a short distance away? Plus, of course, the renowned beauty and wealth of heritage, which cannot be overlooked. These ‘second home’ buyers see Bath as an ideal place to have a base, whether they are looking to use it for pleasure or as a buy-to-let investment.  The solidity of the apartment rental market is also a lure, with a strong and growing business sector bringing more new people into the area for work. 
Apartments are the best second homes
The properties of choice for these buyers are heavily swayed toward apartments, and we can certainly understand why.  Some homes may be empty for a period of time and therefore an apartment offers lower maintenance and greater security, giving them peace of mind whilst they are on their travels.  From historical gems to contemporary visions, Bath offers a complete contrast of options to suit all tastes and lifestyles.
At The Apartment Company we have built a strong reputation for providing high-end rental apartments. Not only that, we work hard to ensure they are managed effectively, giving landlords and tenants a quality service.  We believe this is why we’re finding more ‘second home’ buyers coming to us for advice and guidance to ensure they make the right investment.
If you’re thinking of buying your first home as a second home, allow us to show you the range of options available to you across Bath.