Tenants, how to make your rental feel like your home

It is said that home is where the heart is, but in reality, we know that it’s more than that. We long to find a place we belong, it doesn’t matter whether that’s for a few months or several years.

When renting, you can sometimes feel in a temporary state yet, as you end a long day at work, you need to return to a place that feels warm and loved. It needs to feel like home.
Your rental apartment may not be perfect, but a home is more than a building, it’s an emotional connection.  It’s not about creating an Instagram-approved place, one filled with designer interiors straight out of a stylish magazine.  You need to create a space that expresses who you are and how you live, a place where, when your friends and family enter, they say “It’s so you”.
Show your love
We all have pieces that we love, from artwork to sculptures, from rugs to light fittings, make sure you display your favourite pieces. 
Bring your garden inside
Plants and flowers can transform any room, even a potted plant or herbs can make your apartment come alive. 
Find solutions
You may not be allowed to put up shelves or even change the colour palette, but you can add your personal style by finding inventive solutions.  Rugs, free-standing mirrors and artwork, and room-dividing furniture can add style without breaking your rental contract.
It’s your choice
It can be easy to get swept up in trends, what friends and family say, and even magazine ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’.  The only voice you need to listen to is your own. Trust your instinct and you will find your personal flair is expressed in the choices you make.
What brings you joy
De-cluttering expert Marie Kondo says you should only keep hold of things that bring you joy.  You may be a book lover and have your own library, collect figurines, or have a massive vinyl collection.  Don’t be scared to display what brings you joy. Why hide your passion?
Simplify your home
Although you should keep things that bring you joy, don’t hold onto stuff that you no longer need, want or use.  The more things you hold onto, the more your home can frustrate you.  Keep things simple.
Add luxury
Rich tones and tactile textiles such as velvet can make a space feel elegant and luxurious.  You can discover great finds everywhere, from your local supermarket home ranges to designer collections.  Mix and match products and styles to create a look that is truly yours.
Spend on what matters
We often think that we need to spend on investment pieces, those one-off, high-cost items that catch your eye.  But although you may love it, it won’t make your apartment feel truly like a home.  Put your money into life-enhancing things that you use all the time, such as gorgeous bedding, or a beautiful dining set.
Finding the right match
An emotional connection can begin when you find the right apartment to rent.  As experts in the niche apartment market, we can translate your list of requirements into a place that you will want to make your home.  Don’t waste time going on viewing after viewing and ending up settling, we can swiftly find you the right match that you will want to call home.