The joy of a room with a view

What is it about Bath that has drawn you and kept you here? We’re going to assume that, like us, it’s simply because you love where you live.  Whether you own or rent an apartment, your home says something about you and is part of who you are, which is why we love to express ourselves through the décor and furnishings we choose.  But there is certainly one key feature that many apartments in Bath are blessed with, and one that is free to all who live there, and that’s the view it gives you.
Bath is such a wonderful location as, even though you’re in the city, nature can be found all around you.  The surrounding countryside can be easily accessed if you wish to walk, cycle or go on a family adventure.  There are numerous green spaces and parks for that morning jog, or to explore with your canine pal.  Living in such a picturesque city as Bath has many benefits, including a positive impact on your wellbeing.
We are privileged to manage a number of apartments with incredible views, views that show the beauty of the rooftops, and those looking out towards the countryside.  Each view is unique and tells a story all of its own.  There is something calming about a wonderful view, it’s not just what we see but, more importantly, how it can make us feel.
When choosing an apartment in Bath, it’s important to take stock of the environment and not just the apartment, as it isn’t just bricks and mortar that make us feel at home.  The environment where you live can help to reduce stress. What you see, hear and experience can affect your mood and, no matter how beautiful your apartment may be, if the environment doesn’t feel right you may start to feel anxious or sad and thus will never settle.
The majority of the views from the city apartments we manage include scenes of nature, with apartments in beautiful properties with their own grounds.  Even those in the city have breath taking views where nature is a key feature.  Having a view of nature helps us all to feel better and contributes to our physical wellbeing.  According to research, even adding a plant to a room within your home can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety.