The one thing you should never neglect when selling your apartment

We all love space and sometimes we can have more than we need especially when our children leave home. But what happens to that spare room, does it get transformed into that hobby room you’ve always wanted or is the door closed and it gets neglected? According to new research by Ironmongery Direct, approximately 15.5 million spare rooms across the country are unused.

Their ‘Unused Britain’ tool has been collecting data from all over the UK and discovered that some 65% of households have a spare room, which is not currently being used, this equates to the average home wasting a £65,366.41 on unused space. But why does this matter?


When it comes to selling your apartment every inch of your apartment is important, from the amount of storage you have to the functionality of each room. Every element has the ability to attract or turn off a potential buyer. To see a room which has been unloved and untouched doesn’t inspire people. Buyers want to see ‘the dream’ and whether you are using it as a home office, a spare bedroom or a playroom, it is essential that each room in your apartment has a purpose.


There are many circumstances where rooms can have multi-functions, a bedroom and home office being one of the most common. When designing such a space you need to ensure that they work cohesively together and the look doesn’t come across cluttered and reduces the sense of space in the room. Too much furniture can make even the largest of rooms feel small. There are many clever pieces of furniture that can help with space saving ideas without diminishing the practicalities that you need.

The room with a purpose approach is essential for every area of your home, and this extends to our outdoor space. Whether you create a space for relaxing or entertaining, entering a terrace that has a purpose helps buyers to see themselves living there and how they would use it. It’s like when you go to a furniture store or show home, seeing rooms put together you can start to visualize the space in a completely different way.

Not neglecting your spare room or any space in your home can add value to your property, and also aid in attracting potential buyers. Don’t let your apartment cost you in wasted space. If you would like advice on how to maximize your apartment for sale, contact The Apartment Company, Bath’s apartment specialists.