Top five tips for buying a listed apartment

Many buyers seek period properties, but when a property is listed, people start to get nervous.  The term ‘Listed Property’ relates to those properties that have been placed on the National Heritage list as they are considered to be of historical or architectural interest.  As an owner of a listed property, you have a duty of care to maintain its character inside and out.  There are three types of listing, Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II the latter being the most common.  If you’re looking at buying a listed property we have put together some useful tips.


1.  Renovations and alterations can be made on a listed property but they must always have relevant listed building consent.  Therefore if you’re looking to buy a listed apartment, ensure that you receive the relevant documentation.


2.  Investigate home insurance, as this will need to be specific for a listed property. Any claims will also involve English Heritage or your local Council Conservation Officer, as they need to ensure that any repairs are authentic.


3.  Get to know your local Council Conservation Officer, they will be a valuable resource for advice and support, especially if you’re new to owning a listed apartment.


4.  Don’t skimp on the survey, invest in a building survey and ensure a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors surveyor who specializes in period properties undertakes it.


5.  Do your homework, research what the listing means for the property you are going to purchase plus the relevant costs as you will need the services of specialists.


For more advice on buying a listed apartment, contact The Apartment Company.