Top four tips for apartment hunting

Top four tips for apartment hunting

Many properties have restrictions and limitations; these could be due to classification, such as a listed building, or their structure.

When you are looking to buy an apartment, you won’t have the flexibility that many house owners have with regard to transforming the space to make it your own.  But just because you can’t knock down walls, doesn’t mean you are losing out. Here are our top four tips of what to look for when looking for an apartment.
1. It’s all about the windows
From grand Georgian facade to contemporary aspects, the windows an apartment have can change how it feels.  Flooding rooms with natural light, windows allow the sunshine to heighten your interiors.  An apartment’s feel will be enriched by floor to ceiling windows, which can be found in many of the contemporary apartments throughout the city.
It’s not just the number of windows that matter but where they are situated, as you want their orientation to suit your lifestyle.  What do we mean by that? If you wish your home to be flooded with evening sun as you work during the day, you’ll want windows that face west.
2. Life-enhancing features
When viewing an apartment, it can be easy to focus on what it offers internally rather than taking in the outside space.  The apartment may be blessed with a spacious balcony or roof terrace providing you with spectacular views across the city, or a small courtyard with privacy and charm.  Many apartment buildings also offer some shared spaces, from tranquil gardens giving you extra space to relax and communal facilities.  Every feature of your apartment and building will enhance how you live in your new home.
3. Is it loved?
Your apartment is just one part of a building that contains several residences, and its façade and internal condition will tell you a lot about how it is cared for.  The responsibility for the maintenance of the building can vary, therefore we advise that you look into this prior to making a decision.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an apartment to buy or let, how the building is maintained can have an impact on what it’s like to live there.
4.  The community
When choosing an apartment, you are also instantly becoming part of a community.  Whether your building has 3 apartments or 60, you will be living close together.  Apartment living can provide you with a great sense of security as well as encouraging you to get to know your neighbours.  Some apartment buildings have social media pages, which is an ideal way to get to know who’s who.  The social aspect of living in an apartment is one of the key benefits and why many prefer it to living in a house or other standalone property.
If you’re looking for an apartment to buy or rent in Bath, we know how to find the right one to suit the way you want to live. Why not give our team a call today?


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