Top mistakes sellers can make and how to avoid them

When selling your apartment, your aim is to attract the highest possible price as quickly as possible. However, there are a number of mistakes that a lot of home owners make. Despite house price growth in Bath topping the ‘UK property charts’, you must avoid these common errors to maximise the value of your home. So what are they and how can you avoid them?


The biggest mistake made is not using an estate agent to sell your home. You’d be amazed at how many people sell via eBay for example and it is utter madness to try and do it this way. You NEED the expertise of a professional as without them, you will most likely sell for less than what your home is worth, taking much longer to sell.

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Choosing an agent because they offer the lowest fee is another big no no. Also, don’t pay an agent in advance. Good negotiators are reflected in the fee, and they won’t ask for them upfront. They will work extremely hard on your behalf, and only expect to be paid once they have provided you with the best result they can. They are worth every penny. It’s much better for you to pay a little extra for that service in order to avoid selling your home for a lot less. 


Don’t over value your home. A lot of estate agents will tell you they will sell your home for what you want it to be, just to win your business. However, in these cases, prices promised don’t necessarily reflect what is actually possible in your local area. You will only end up taking longer to sell, which de-values your home’s price in a potential buyer’s mind, which can lead to drastic price reductions in a bid to sell. This will most likely be at a price far below what you could have achieved if you’d chosen an agent who valued your home correctly in the first place.

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Don’t accept poor quality images. If you’ve chosen a good estate agent, they will make sure your apartment is looking its very best through high quality photographs. These are the first thing a buyer will see and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, it is essential that your agent is using photographs that will really appeal to potential buyers.


Prepare your home for sale. To ensure plenty of viewings and the best price, it is vital that it stands out from the crowd. First impressions count so make sure your apartment is presentable for photographs and viewings by extensively cleaning your property, fix minor problems, decorate if necessary and ensure outside space is looking neat and tidy.


Lastly, don’t hide anything from your agent. Make sure you are upfront about any issues there are with your home. This will save you lots of time and money as they will come out eventually, potentially scuppering your sale too.