Top Tips to Attract Serious Apartment Buyers this winter

Selling your apartment is all about making your prospective buyer fall in love with your home at first glance. There is a real art to tugging on your buyers’ heart strings and making them see exactly what you saw when you first clapped eyes on your home all those years ago. With the clocks having just gone back and as we prepare for the long cold winter to set in, you can be forgiven if you’ve mistakenly overlooked the potential that winter can hold for those of you trying to sell.

At The Apartment Company we think winter is a great month to sell your apartment, especially in booming Bath where people are looking for property all the year round! Winter generally spells less supply on the market, which means there will be more attention on your home. Bath has such a wonderful fusion of properties to suit each individual taste, style and budget, there is truly something for everyone here. And in such a strong marketplace, the winter months can also bring a greater sense of commitment from both parties; what with the majority of people tending to make live changing decisions in the New Year too.

Winter is an opportune moment for buyers to focus their property searches accordingly. If you’d like to make your apartment stand out from the crowd this winter and increase the chance of offers, then please have a read of our following tips:

First Impressions

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’, and this couldn’t be more apt for selling your home in winter time. Remember that the outside of your apartment will be the first thing that potential buyers will scrutinize, and in the winter months this can become particularly drab and unloved. Be sure to clear snowy or icy paths, paint weather-worn walls, tend to frost-bitten plants, as well as enhancing the entrance to your home by giving it a new lick of paint or replacing it entirely. These changes don't have to be major as it's often the smallest of adjustments that make the biggest impact in boosting your apartment’s likeability and saleability.


Space and light are the most sought after necessities for buyers searching for their next home. So make the most of your space by starting with a deep clean and getting rid of any clutter. If your apartment has access to copious amounts of natural light then use it to your advantage for viewings in the day too. You can also give the illusion of more space and light by simply getting rid of large pieces, or limiting the amount of furniture that each room contains.

If you're lucky enough to have one of the beautiful roof terraces or balconies that Bath has to offer, then make the most of your outdoor space too. Show off to your buyers how it can be used all year round, e.g. by adding a log burner this will show them just how easy it is to entertain here all year round, even through the coldest months.


Keeping your apartment well heated and ready for viewings is a real must if you’re trying to sell your home this winter. This may seem simple, but it can become tricky if you don't have much time between getting home from work and a property viewing. Make sure that you set your heating timer at least one hour before your buyer arrives. Imagine entering a cold and frosty property; it definitely wouldn’t conjure up the inviting and cosy atmosphere that you need to be emanating.  Literally warm the cockles of your buyers heart this winter - you won't regret it!

Set the Mood

As evening observations become increasingly popular in Bath help your viewings imagine themselves cuddled up on a cold winter's eve by taking your lighting into consideration. Serious buyers are more attuned to the mood of your apartment in winter, so the entire property (including the outside) needs to be well lit in subtle and beguiling tones. You can also impress the most safety conscious of buyers by investing in fully functioning security lights.

For day viewings use the natural light at your disposal to your advantage, simply by opening curtains and blinds. And if you’re one of the many blessed homeowners in Bath with far reaching windows, you can use this feature to your advantage by letting them know that it’s a wonderful way to keep the energy bills low too.

We hope we’ve given you some insight into how to create a warm and inviting atmosphere through the wintry months ahead. If you're looking to buy the perfect apartment in Bath, not all of them are online or even in the papers; even more reason to register with us today!